Ronald Poppo Identified as "Miami Zombie" Victim; New Video Shows Uncensored Rudy Eugene Attack

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Ronald Poppo, 65, has been identified as the victim of "Miami Zombie" Rudy Eugene, with a new video detailing the gruesomeness of the attack.

Eugene, 31, was shot and killed by police after passersby saw him eating Poppo's face in a story that has triggered talk of a zombie apocalypse.

Poppo, who reports say was homeless for nearly four decades before the grisly incident, is in serious condition, having somehow survived it.

Be forewarned: The video below is uncensored and graphic.

The video depicts Rudy Eugene, who was naked, straddling, punching, and ripping off Poppo’s clothing in the completely unprovoked assault.

Poppo, who was was sleeping on the causeway where this took place, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and had his face eaten off.

Perhaps most astonishingly, a number of people drive by, including one who slows down and CLEARLY notices at the 8:20 mark, yet do nothing.

Finally, a bicyclist sees and alerts police around 16:30. Within two minutes of that, Eugene was shot dead and Poppo's life was saved.

When officers yelled at Eugene to stop and he merely ignored their cries and continued feasting, they shot him dead in a hail of bullets.

Also nicknamed the Miami cannibal, Eugene's horrific behavior is said to have been caused by psychosis resulting bath salts, either ingested or injected.


Dude, it was a drug. There are no such things as zombies. Poor homeless man. :( Get over yourselves. Seriously.


Go f*cking help him cops! I know his face is gone and it's total horror. But he's struggling, can't you see that!!! I once went to a child that was run over by a train. Total nightmare. But I went, cause me moaned and moved. He died with his hand in mine and my kind words in his ears and knowing he was not alone. That's how you do it GD!!!


It would take nothing less than a ridiculous amount of pcp to ignore a bullet.... they are covering something up.


Ok, i have seen alot of stuff in my time. And I know there is now way, i don't care how high you are, there is no way Bath salts can make you do what that thing did. Infact, i dont know of any drug that can make you ignore a bullet wound and keep eating a strangers face like its notthing. Strange how it was a headshot that finaly killed him...... Now i've heard of sicknesses that can do this. Ex, Advanced stages of Rabies.... But under no circumstance can you ignore bullet wounds when you are high. Getting shot alone would sober your ass up real fast...


Just because you havn't heard of someone on drugs doing this doesnt mean that it can't happen. Drugs can really fuck u up, even if you've tried the drug yourself without having a similar outcome doesn't mean someone else won't go coo coo after taking it. Plus udk what other chemicals drug dealers have put in the drugs they sell which can end up like this.. people need to remember that the world is huge, not everything that happens makes the news, this was just one of the few. And even in present day, in parts of Africa -& other places eating a person (cannibalism) is nothing out of the ordinary. Let along the start of a zombie apocalypse.


Hey Alvin, there was no photgrapher, duh. It's surveilance video. Notice how the camera does not move at all? No camera shake, etc....


bath salts are sold in head shops sold as bath salts, people snort and inject these bath salts and it gives them a high similar to meth


the guy working on the camer should of ben fired he wasnt even paying attention to it untill like 4/5 of the way in wat a bumb he could have caught that whole shit zoomed in and perfect if he was doing his job


oh ya, great video of flesh eating face. all you could see were a pair of naked legs. probably a couple of gay guys getting it on. what a bunch of bullcrap/


Even if drug related. This is still ate up. And idgaf how high you are. A bullet peircing your flesh is enough to make a grown man cry. The him growling at police is whats the most odd. Go ahead and blame drugs. See if tht helps you feel better when sum random ass person tries to knaw your face off

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