Ron Paul Clobbers Field in Minnesota, Wins More Delegates to RNC

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Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul may not capture his party's nomination for president, but he's determined to play a key role in the process.

Paul's supporters propelled him to an historic win in Minnesota this weekend, his second this month, even as he is no longer actively campaigning.

With wins in Minnesota and the Maine caucuses, and delegate gains in multiple other states, Paul’s delegate-attainment strategy is in full swing.

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In Minnesota, Ron Paul organizers won a decisive 12 of 13 delegates to this summer's RNC at the Rivers Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud.

Earlier this spring, Paul supporters won 20 of 24 delegates at district conventions. In all, Paul's camp won 32 of the state’s 40 national delegates.

In addition to Paul’s consequential victory in Minnesota, organizers working for the Texan won delegates in Mitt Romney’s home state of Michigan.

Of the 14 Congressional District voting contests held this weekend, Paul organizers won RNC delegates in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th Districts.

At the Vermont Republican State Convention this weekend, Ron Paul supporters won two of 14 national delegates and won 10 of 14 alternates.

Finally in Virginia, Paul supporters won 17 of 33 national delegates selected, with the remainder of the state’s 49 delegates to be selected in June.

However unlikely it is that Paul will knock off Mitt Romney and win the GOP nomination, his wins all but assure a role in shaping the party's future.

Odds of Paul winning enough delegates to deny Romney a win remain slim, but the more he wins, the more influence his supporters will carry.

These wins support the notion that Paul and his platform will be featured prominently at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.


Sarah is outstanding. The media tried to droetsy Sarah and her family and she showed them what she is made of. She showed her love of family and country and is so real, natural and articulate. Great ticket for us now. Let's see some of the Congress and Senate who are running for re-election, or perhaps running for the first time to see exactly what it takes to be a republican and find their backbone or get out of the way for those who do. Maybe we can take back the House and Senate as well with Sarah showing great examples of just how you operate when your principles are intact no matter what


It's Ron Paul for me! He's the only one that'll reign in the military and put an end to these stupid wars that have bankrupted the greatest country in the world.


Only Ron Paul for this American. Just say no to Mr. Slick Hair Rich Romney. Bring our suffering troops home and stop bankrupting our country with these endless middle east wars.


Ron Paul and his supporters are fighting valiantly but the next NWO puppet has been chosen in Mitt Romney.


Anyone that spews baloney about Ron Paul's platform not including a strong national defense is really drinking the Mainstream Media Kool-aid and believing straight out fabrications by media pundants and press-titutes. Ron Paul believes in self defense not militarism. Strange how we've all be conditioned to believe they're one and the same. Think for yourself and research yourself, don't let the talking heads (who's owners have their own interests) do it for you.


Ron Paul is a joke. Lets give the keys to our kingdom, To Russia, Iran, or any of our other enemies, without a fight. Let's tear down our defenses, and make it easy, to attack us. Mitt Romney for Pres.


I would like to know how much these little Paid Off`s get to add in the little cuts about Ron Paul not likely to beat Mitt...that`s Pretty low life to me.


All Ron Paul needs to do is secure a place at the RNC and give a nationally televised speech. Then it's up to Everyone to listen.


Ron Paul is the only candidate that talks about individual liberty. Obama and Romney support the NDAA law that was passed in Dec. Apparently, neither one of them believe in due process for the American people.


I would vote for Ron Paul for president; but, I refuse to vote for war-mongering Mitt Romney. Romney has already promised to send the troops back to Iraq and to add troops in Afghanistan.
I hope Dr. Paul wins the nomination.

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