Robert Pattinson Rumored for Role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

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He already has one franchise under his belt. Might Robert Pattinson soon add another?

According to Movie Fanatic, the Twilight Saga star is under consideration for the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the wildly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games.

Finnick is described in Suzanne Collins' novel as a ridiculously handsome former champion of the competition at the center of the triology's story. He's muscular, tan and blonde-haired (doesn't exactly sound like R. Patt, does it?) and he harbored a troubled personal life.

Robert Pattinson in Cannes

The Pattinson rumored has gained momentum because Francis Lawrence will direct Catching Fire and he worked with Rob in Water For Elephants.

"As with the first film, we won't be confirming, denying or commenting on any casting rumors for this title," the studio said in a statement in response to this chatter. "We will announce news wide when there is official casting news to announce."

Until then... let's speculate! Who should portray Finnick?


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please send the right guy this time..


i think for the role..ryan kwanten,alex pettyfer, and armie hammer..are perfect..YES!!!


Ryan Kwanten! He's a shoe-in after playing Jason Stackhouse...and looking the way he should really be illegal to be that hot.


GARRETT HEDLUND should do it!!! he is wayyyy better than those other people he's perfect


Besides rob.patterson is SOOOO TERRIBLY AWKWARD, isn't finnick supposed to be confident and attractive??? Hollywood is starting to scare me a little!!!!


I. Am a HUGE fan of the hunger games trilogy but if that stupid vampire plays finnick, I will kill myself!!!!


lachlan buchanan should play finnck. He's gorgeous with amazing eyes.


I think he would be good. He is certainly handsome, not perfect for the part though.


OH. MY. GOD. No way, no way! R Patt is a great actor and all, but this would be a complete offence to the Hunger Games because...
1. He doesn't hold the correct features of Finnick Odair. I mean, this dude does NOT have tan skin... Jeez.
2. I'm not entirely sure why, but he simply does not fit this character. He may have been a good vampire or whatever, but he's going to have to have his shirt off for most of the movie and he has dead pale skin.


yyyyyah! I hope soo.. luv u rob

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