Rihanna vs. Jennifer Lopez: Who Would You Rather...

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Many questions can be raised about last night's American Idol finale. To wit:

Should Phillip Phillips have defeated Jessica Sanchez? Should Diana DeGarmo have accepted Ace Young's proposal? How incredible is Jennifer Holliday?!?

But THG is focused on the truly important issue of the night: With both Rihanna and J. Lo taking to the stage and performing a couple sexy, scantily-clad singles, the topic can no longer be ignored. Which of these beauties would you prefer to bang?

Study their finale outfits and vote now.

And the Winner is?

They each ooze sex appeal, but you can only invite Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez into your bed. Who will it be?!? View Poll »




touch your toes!!!!!!!!!!!! kisim upla yet lo hass blo banana...


This website is lower than hell."Who would you rather bang?? "From which gutter pipe did this website come from? Anway THG is trash that promotes trash like Rihanna n Jlow


I say that they sum great
entertainers but
they both sum nasty-azz heffas.


JLO wow!!! OMG


JLO asaaaaap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd eat her cunt any day


Woow. I would definitely prefer Rihanna. I bet she has a vagina from heaven. mmmm_mmmmm_mmmmm


Did anyone else notice Jennifer lip syncing her songs?
I like her and everything but lip syncing?


Considering the scumbag men that both of them have been with (Chris Brown, Puffy, etc), I wouldn't touch either of them.

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