Rihanna to Chris Brown: Happy Birthday!

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So Chris Brown's 23rd birthday was Saturday, and none other than Rihanna was quick to wish him a happy birthday on Twitter! HUGE news, we know!

RiRi, who has controversially collaborated with Brown on a couple of hot tracks this spring, tweeted her former BF this: "Happy Birthday @chrisbrown."

Yeah. That's it. Not a lot to it really.

Then again, if you want to read into things, check out this clip from Rihanna's SNL performance that night. Could it be a very "hands on" message to her ex ... on the appropriately-titled song "Birthday Cake" no less? You tell us:


What is the difference of her to a prostitute or stripper??? Why she act so cheap. It no look nice. She has no respect for her body, just no respect for herself and the media is feeding this trash to our children. Sad sad world.


Rihanna once said she enjoys sadism-she likes dirty immoral love-i dont feel sorry for her, not falling for her poor abused woman victim story. She should wake up and started acting a bit more lady-like and mature.


Rihanna is becoming the epitome of what a current girlfriend would dread to to have as their guy's ex. She is there at every turn and has even posted derogatory and jealous comments about Brown's girlfriend. Although I would never condone Brown for his behaviour I am now beginning to understand how she could really goad someone into behaving badly. I used to really like her and her music, now everything she does looks as though it is done to push the envelope one step further. She's letting herself down and her management should be giving her some solid advice.


She is the epitome of what is wrong with the mainstream music industry. There are actual musicians (for those of you not familiar, a musician is a person who plays a musical instrument or who writes songs with actual lyrics with meaning) who are talented and write songs about love, grief, strife and the human experience. This hack stands on stage singing karaoke to a track, no different than you or I can do in any dive bar in America, while pointing at her pussy and saying "cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake" like a fucking moron. If you want to waste your money on this garbage, be my guest.


Her performance was bangin' !!!


Robyn,, time will present itself for u to have Chris Brown back. I still believe it can work for you guys. Remember in the beginning you chose your career over him, playing the victim card to win fans back after u realized that they were dogging u for going back to him. You were just being young and dumb. U, him &GOD really know what took place in that car that night. Instead of being radical and throwing up your middle fingers, u allowed society, producers, and money to influence your decision. Now, your eyes are open and loniness has set in; that emptiness will not be fulfilled until u get closure or ask Jesus to fillin the void. #iamteamRiRiBrown#xoxoxo


Yeah...that was it, not a lot to it really....maybe she should have tweet 'happy birthday thug life @chrisbrown' or maybe 'happy birthday 1love @chrisbrown' geez


I no longer blame him. There comes a time where you have to take responsibility for your life and what happens to you.



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