Rihanna Performs Medley of Hits, Wears Short Shorts on Saturday Night Live

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Rihanna appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend, performing "Birthday Cake" sans Chris Brown and "Talk That Talk" in black knee-high boots and high-waisted, very short shorts ... par for the course for the 24-year-old.

She also sang her new hit "Where Have You Been" on what was most likely one of the most elaborate sets a performer has had, an Arabian themed set-up featuring ornate costumes, drummers and at least 10 backup dancers.

Watch both of Rihanna's Saturday Night Live performances here:

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I don't think Rihanna is a bad woman every celebrity wear like this every woman and in my opinion Rihanna is perfect and I'm her biggest fan and I don't care what people gonna say and hope she doesn't care too :D


she is such a selfish and disgusting performer-all she cares about is masturbating and not about all the children out there who will get polluted by her crazy antics.


i dont respect her, she is influencing woman to be like a slutt like her


Rihanna you got the money, but really you dont have respect. People like this website, use drugged up stupid sleazy woman like you....to make money.


Rihanna seriously has to decide if she's a singer or a porn star. She is embarassing to watch. Isn't public masturbation illegal? What she does is not entertainment. It's pathetic.




Please our children are watching this and it is so horrible . Our young youth copies this.
She thinks this is acceptable to represent herself in this matter, money is more important to this young woman not her future when this music dies. What man want you really for the beauty in you rather than what freak show that you have to offer. Its not all about your body,whats going on in your head


Both songs as well as the lip-synching were embarassingly bad. Do people really buy this crap and think it is music? Skanky, skanky, skanky! Maybe she and Chris Brown deserve each other. From the way she moves and dresses, she might have asked for the beating he gave her a couple of years ago.


Rhianna: You have been everywhere BUT COLLEGE. Your stripper moves bored me to death. Leave the stripper moves to the strippers.


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