Rihanna: Naked, Scaly on Facebook

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Rihanna's showing off her body - there's a big stunner for you - in a new photo posted on Facebook. It's from her recent video shoot. Like you care.

The 24-year-old, in behind-the-scenes photos from the set of her "Where Have You Been" music video, is completely topless. Nothing unusual.

Her breasts are covered by reptile scales, though. That's unusual ...

Rihanna Naked Video Pic

In the video, Rihanna and a slew of shirtless men adventure through a swamp, which good explain the reptilian theme for part of the extravagant effort.

The star's latest topless shot isn't the first time she's left little to the imagination ... this month. Not even two weeks ago, she was grinding at a strip club.

She also took her top off in Hawaii, played with white powder on her bodyguard's head, etc. There's a reason she's Top 10 worldwide in Twitter fans.

One cautionary note, though. Why would Hugh Hefner want to pay $1 million for Rihanna in Playboy if she's already giving it away for free 24/7?

Think about it, Rih. Leave 'em wanting more.


U ard HOT !


It is certainly good when one finds a terfriic little website such as this where we can share personal delemmas without having to worry about embarrassment. I'm fairly sure a number of my friends will definitely be relieved after I tell them all about it as well


Everyone is lame who disses her, What ever she does is by choice and nobody Judges you if you aren't attractive or if you look a certain way or even if you somethings you may regret in a couple years! @Jess87 what the hell does Black have to do with anything? She just like many Famous and non-famous people have made wrong desisions she just gets publisity for her mistakes. Don't judge and don't put rude thing about people. GOD don't like ugle (those who speak evil)


Girl is doing her thing. She's a sexy and exploring her sexuality. Also, she's natural and looks healthy -- she has an amazing sound and originality. Hope she continues to evolve and push the envelope.


I loooove RIRI n her music.. She doin her thing. Bt she looks better dressed! Nay!


yuck... 4 the money or the fame?


lmao! This girl is an ugly black chick,ewww like nasty.


Haha small boobies. Lol


So overexposed in every way


She has absolutely no morals. What a shame.

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