Rihanna Grinds With Strippers, Gets Faded

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Rihanna told us all about her crazy night at a strip club on Tuesday via her Twitter timeline and a series of racy Instagram pics. Well done, Internet!

The star, 24, apparently jumped on stage at a strip club, where she danced next to female exotic dancers and showered them with dollar bills.

Par for the course, right? This is how the night ended:

Rihanna Drunk

Despite her wild antics, Rihanna isn't worried about setting a bad example, reacting with defiance to controversy over her racy Coachella pics, then posting an even crazier set of Tweets and photos from the strip joint.

Some of her updates throughout her night out:

  • Best stress reliever= $tripper$. Kill it Tip it
  • My nigga I'm faded...And I don't give a phuck!
  • My daddy would be proud
  • #RoleModelShit #NaviShit

Then, the next morning, with the photo above:

  • Woke up repenting!! Feelin like a sinner...

Hope it was worth it. Sadly, there is no video of this, but you can follow the jump for a couple of racy (sort of NSFW) Rihanna pictures she shared:

Rihanna, Strippers
Rihanna, Stripper

How desperate and pathetic. I could think of a million ways to have more fun then this. Oh and did I forget,...ill.Ha Ha




One word. College. Ever heard of clean college porn and college stripping Rhianna? Hot hot hot. Atleast little Rhianna is not selling her vagina for cheap to the boys.


@Alexia: on behalf of all the decent woman still surviving in america and the world, GET SOME CLASS-NOT ALL OF US LIVE FOR SEX AND BEING A BIG TIME BI#TCH-there are many woman out there that are decent loving and care about our families and children, than just money, fame and slutting around. SO DONT STEREOTYPE ALL WOMAN IN YOUR CATOGARY.


trashy slutty boring and tastless..not forgetting sleazy.


A bit over the top! But give the girl a break! She is only 24 & most of us women have done much worse things than her.


Rihanna has a class problem...she doesn't have ANY!


This girl is an idiot. Always trying to act cool but always comes across as a stupid raunchy fool. An embarrassment to herself.


I wonder what's eating her??


She is such trash. Everything she says, does, or sings is sex. Sex is fine but its over kill. We get it, you think you're sexy. Its getting real old, real fast. Grow up and be a lady. This image is not a good one.

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