Rihanna Grinds With Strippers, Gets Faded

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Rihanna told us all about her crazy night at a strip club on Tuesday via her Twitter timeline and a series of racy Instagram pics. Well done, Internet!

The star, 24, apparently jumped on stage at a strip club, where she danced next to female exotic dancers and showered them with dollar bills.

Par for the course, right? This is how the night ended:

Rihanna Drunk

Despite her wild antics, Rihanna isn't worried about setting a bad example, reacting with defiance to controversy over her racy Coachella pics, then posting an even crazier set of Tweets and photos from the strip joint.

Some of her updates throughout her night out:

  • Best stress reliever= $tripper$. Kill it Tip it
  • My nigga I'm faded...And I don't give a phuck!
  • My daddy would be proud
  • #RoleModelShit #NaviShit

Then, the next morning, with the photo above:

  • Woke up repenting!! Feelin like a sinner...

Hope it was worth it. Sadly, there is no video of this, but you can follow the jump for a couple of racy (sort of NSFW) Rihanna pictures she shared:

Rihanna, Strippers
Rihanna, Stripper

Lol thats sexxxxyyyy


Plz we.are who we are it isnt no more.judging...ppl are ppl shouldnt.interfer who you or (we) are come cleAm


The drinking and partying will catch up to her
sooner than later, - - - speaking from experience.


She has God given talent-but she does not respect God or herself, because her body is the temple of God. Girls like her eventually have a breakdown and go mad at some point. Respecting your body keeps a humanbeing sane and healthy. sex sells, it will give you enough money to sell your soul and self respect.


@vintagedoll88: if this is called having fun for her age group-Then God please protect our children and our future generations.
What do you call the strippers and whores who sleep around and get AIDS and other incurable diseases?? Then, will you call getting AIDS having fun?


If she stretches any more than this, im afraid she might tear somthing.


Calling Rihanna names is not going make her change. Do anybody really thinks that she give a flying fuck? Hell no!


Oh my gosh ppl!! So she went out & had fun... God forbid she's now a whore or trash. Ri-Ri's in her mid 20's & doesn't have a huge fan base of impressionable kids, mainly ppl around her age. So leave her alone


She's losing way too many fans. Oh well. She' s made her bed,...


Poor poor Rihanna...ya right nothing shy or moral about her..she is so much trash..she has made her money thats why she doesn't care what her public thinks...I bet Chris Brown thanks God every day for getting away from this crazy girl...

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