Ridiculously Photogenic Girl Snaps Post-Surgery Pics, Becomes Viral Sensation

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A 28-year-old known only as Rachel has gained viral fame, and a nickname - Ridiculously Photogenic Girl - after posting downright adorable pics of herself after surgery.

“I’m currently in the ICU of the Cleveland Clinic,” she wrote on Reddit. “My pain is being reasonably managed, but I cannot fall asleep. Anyone care to entertain me?”

Judging by the response, the answer was yes. The post got 612 comments, many about her beauty, and became its own meme, with takeoffs on the pic such as this:

Photogenic Girl

Rachel, an Army wife and mother from Dayton, Ohio, has congenital emphysema, a lung disease she’s had all her life but was recently exacerbated by pneumonia.

Nearly 60 percent of her right lung was damaged and had to be removed.

“I begged my surgeon to let me see it when he got it out,” she wrote. “He took pics, though, and I will get to see them today. Anyone want to check them out??”

No, but 612 people are clearly happy to check her out. Not that we blame them. Rachel said even she was surprised by how great she looked after major surgery.

“I am just as surprised as everyone else that I managed to look like that,” she wrote. “I was on so many pain meds ... I couldn’t feel anything but happiness!”

Even Ridiculously Photogenic Girl is human, though. When the painkillers wore off, "it was a very different picture in there," Rachel conceded.

Photogenic Girl Pic
Rachel Pic

If you can't say something nice and positive keep those thoughts to yourself. This young lady doesn't need anything negative to dwell on.Just be happy your niece is well.


She looks fantastic after such severe surgery. Her happy attitude will help to get better faster.


her smile really does look like a heart, she is so beutiful, its as if she never went into surgery. get well soon.all the hater sending bad comment keep it to yourself it doesn't help anyone:)


she looks like the average person...no reason to make a freaking big deal..my niece is more photogenic than her...but with all being said..wish her the best of health and a speedy recovery


Get well soon
you look great


her smile is shaped like an "i love you" heart!!! why wouldn't we love her.


I'm so happy she's recovering well. Keep up the p/t. she's so prefect because (and I'm sure scientific investigation will attest) her SMILE is amazing, although less than perfect it is sooooooo alluring. Check with the cute guy!!! also soooooo alluring!




Bless her & wish her a speedy recovery!! She is beautiful!