Ray J: Exhausted, Hospitalized Following Awards Show Spat

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Woe is Ray J. No one ever said it was easy to be an amateur sex tape director.

Soon after the hip hop artist got into a verbal tussle with members of Whitney Houston's family at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, sources confirm to TMZ that he woke up Monday and simply could not bring himself to pull off the sheets.

Ray J was disoriented and totally "out of it," an insider claims, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

Ray J Red Carpet Pose

The website cites "exhaustion and dehydration" as a possible basis for Ray J's condition, considering he returned from a 32-hour business trip to China and then drove four hours to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards.

Once there, Whitney's mother, Patricia, reportedly tried to get Ray J thrown out, despite the fact that he was an invited guest, with a seat and a ticket and everything. The late singer's family believes Ray was a bad influence on their daughter, possibly even supplying her with cocaine.

Ray J had denied these charges.

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Everytime i hear "Hospitalized for exaustion and dehydration" good job P.R.'s for NOT calling it what it is: Withdrawal symptoms from drug abuse! Those in recovery know what this is. He isn't touring or in a dance studio to be exausted and dehydrated! come on u arent foolin anyone but yourself. To let them push u to that level: what a pussy. At least Kk can take the worst heat from the media and not wind up in the hospital.

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