Ray J: Exhausted, Hospitalized Following Awards Show Spat

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Woe is Ray J. No one ever said it was easy to be an amateur sex tape director.

Soon after the hip hop artist got into a verbal tussle with members of Whitney Houston's family at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, sources confirm to TMZ that he woke up Monday and simply could not bring himself to pull off the sheets.

Ray J was disoriented and totally "out of it," an insider claims, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

Ray J Red Carpet Pose

The website cites "exhaustion and dehydration" as a possible basis for Ray J's condition, considering he returned from a 32-hour business trip to China and then drove four hours to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards.

Once there, Whitney's mother, Patricia, reportedly tried to get Ray J thrown out, despite the fact that he was an invited guest, with a seat and a ticket and everything. The late singer's family believes Ray was a bad influence on their daughter, possibly even supplying her with cocaine.

Ray J had denied these charges.

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Whitney was a CRACK HEAD. PERIOD. You cant blame anyone for her smoking crack and cocaine but WHITNEY! Cissy is a drama queen looking for attention. She is so disgusting to me right now. First of all, why is the brothers wife arguing with everyone? She had an arguement with Bobbi Kristina because she wanted to be on stage and now, she wants Ray J out of the Billboard MA??? Bytch, sit your UGLY azz down somewhere. Ray J is a freaking celebrity and you're just a dog faced wanna be. Go sit your ugly azz down somewhere. And Cissy needs to be punched in the face with all this mess and grand standing. Its OVER move on. Youre not gonna be a star lady.


I have did enough research to realize that the family has enough info on Ray J to be upset with him... he was very instrumental in what happen to her and the family knows it!


Whitney Houston family needs to stop it and stop blaming everyone else, no one forced her to put the crack pipe to her mouth and smoking or do drugs and drink and act crazy the way she did. She was a grown women she did it on her own. They need to face the facts, she was easily influenced. Stop playing the blame game first bobby and then Ray j. Get a grip family.




Get real Ms. Houston, you want blame... blame your daughter cause according to the press and others interviews she had, she was already on drugs. Then got deeper into drugs when she met and married Bobby Brown,there's your blame herself and Bobby Brown and she had already admitted to Bobby Brown being her supplyer in an interview she had.If anything RJ was probably trying to save her.Not to mention Whitney was doing drug with her daughter.... let the press tell it. I loved Whitney she was a beatiuful person with a great voice. Just like any human being she got up with some of the wrong things and people.Our children chose there on path and all we can do is be there for them. I'm sorry RJ not the blame for this, Ma'dam.


i think cissy is just bein stupid , how long will she continue to accuse people of this and that, did anyone force cocaine down withney's throat, she should accept the fact that her dauhter lived differnt lives and she the mother could not do anything about it , as for patricia was she not witney's manager, did she manage her well?
pls let them move on and focus on christina bobbi before they will begin to accuse her adopted brother very soon.


Ray J is and always will be a FRIGGEN Drama Queen! I can't believe he tried to team up with some relationship expert guy and go on a book tour talking some bs about how sorry he is about doggin females... He was lying then and he's lying now... He's not even that talented... He will always be the SPOILED BRAT LEss Talented Little brother of Brandy... But as long as the media gives him attention he will make money from it.. You can see the FAke Spoiledness in his Face.. Just watch any interview he has ever done, and you will see what I mean... Thanks for your time...


I feel bad for her family, they are obvously in denial and blaming everyone from Ray J-BB, only she was responsible for her own demise. If they didnt give it to her she would have gotten it from others, even in her own camp. This lady stayed high. Its also beneficial for her family to keep her on drugs, because they can manipulate her into doing whatever they want & need, such as mney. Pat Houston was no better, on that night that Whitney was out and confrontational and boozing Pat HOuston was with her in all of those photos. Bobbi had to ask the bodyguards to look after her, she was overdoing it. My point there was enough blame to go around, including Whitne


Whitney's family needs to stop blaming everyone else. I'm sure no one held a gun to her head and made her take drugs. Bobby Brown was no longer in her life so I guess they need to blame someone else, Ray J.


she is dead let her rest in peace

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