Ray J: Almost Booted Out of Billboard Music Awards By Whitney Houston's Family!

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Ray J was almost physically removed from the Billboard Music Awards last night after an angry confrontation with Whitney Houston's family members.

Pat Houston, Whitney's sister-in-law/manager, was seated next to Ray J, the person Pat believes was a very bad influence on the late music legend.

Minutes before a tribute to Whitney, in which Jordin Sparks sang and Bobbi Kristina Brown accepted an award, Pat asked her security to nix Ray J.

After Whitney's ex-BF refused to budge, Pat's security summoned hotel security, along with several uniformed officers to physically remove Ray.

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Just before it got ugly, security warned Pat that things would likely get physical and it would almost be caught on video, just as Whitney was to be honored.

Sources say Pat then grudgingly recanted and Ray J stayed.

Later, Ray reportedly complained to friends about the incident, saying "Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved."

A rep for the Houston family later admitted they did ask Ray J to be moved from his seat because Billboard told them they needed that particular seat.

Ray J had a ticket with the proper seat number, so he refused to budge, and security was called, but the Houstons deny any lingering feud with Ray.

In related news (not really), Kim Kardashian is the hottest woman in the world, according to Zoo Weekly. She can thank Ray for that glorious title.

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Loved the video nice and simple; renersentipg her just having a one-on-one with the Almighty as the song does.To all of those who say her voice is mediocre and not as good/strrong as it used to be, I agree. BUT I think just like anyone who has been away from their craft for an extended period of time, she will get stronger as time progresses. You wouldn't expect a boxer who hasn't been in the ring for a long time to return and deliver TKOs immediately upon his return. Same concept here. I think if she continues to sing, her voice will only strengthen. I bought her cd and I think it was actually very good for her return to music. She has my support 100%.


poor whitney poor ray j poor all fo those people grabbing for whatever they can at the time.


Whitney is a grown ass woman much older than ray j. She is responsible for her own doing I really doubt if he forced her to take the drugs. Her brother gary were on doing drugs probably still is you guys want to blame ray j and bobby brown how about gary?


Ray J very obviously did'nt care for the girl. He denied she was his girlfriend up until about a week ago. She's been dead for how many months????? So we all know what a complete loser he is. (Hope Brandy can find him work soon) The actions of the houston family members gives another reason NOT to watch the HOUSTON family show debackle!!!!!!
Let the girl RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everybody want to blame Ray J..when will someone actually look at Whitney's part in her demise. Regarding whether or not she would have been alive if she had been with K Costner...life and death is in God's hand...


He enabled a known recovering addict - taking her to clubs, facillitating her drinking and possibly providing the drugs. Those are not the actions of a caring friend! And thats certainly not a mistake in his DISTANT past. Whitneys own family clearly has not forgiven him. Comeon people! We have to stop defending horrible people just because 1) they are talented or 2) they are the same race as us. Plenty of other wonderful & great black/brown/white people we can support!


U Americans have a problem with moving on fron ppls past mistakes. Everyday u badger chris brown about beating up rihanna when they have both forgiven themselves and moved on. Now, it is rayJ when he has obviously moved on from his bad boy ways. Go get a life coz some of u here passing judgments r worse than these celebs but ur anonimity is what saves u from d judgement u met out to others.


kim should give (nasty) ray j, 10% of her earnings, since he is the one who made her famous. i dont like him but he was in the seat before they arrived.


Ray J is a pitiful parasite.living off of his sister's fame. He has no talent to do anything but sneak around with his camera,hopefully the women are aware of his kiss and tell attitude. They should run like the wind from this sleaze ball.


What a complete and total DOUCHEBAG LOSER!

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