Rachel Uchitel Speaks on Pregnancy, Second Chances

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Rachel Uchitel might be the most famous "other woman" of all time.

At least in modern celebrity gossip times. That much is unquestioned.

She was the first of Tiger Woods' mistresses to be revealed, but before that, was linked to Bones' David Boreanaz. Both rich stars were married with kids at the time, something that isn't lost on the 37-year-old Uchitel.

"Everyone deserves a second chance," she tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Pregnant Rachel Uchitel Photo

With her first child due on this week, the reality TV star says it's time to "forgive" and "move on." While the infamous Uchitel admits "my name precedes me," Rachel is trying to heal the past and "have some acceptance with myself."

Rachel is opening up about her "great" pregnancy, excitement about motherhood and hopes for a brighter future with husband Matt Hahn and their baby girl.

"I've moved on and I hope other people will too and see that I am doing my best to try and have a normal life," Rachel Uchitel shares with the site.

Excerpts from her interview below:

On handling intense public scrutiny: "I moved on a long time ago and it's odd to me that a lot of people haven't. People will still hear my name, an article will come out about me, I'll see the negative spin on it and I'm not sure why."

"It was three years ago that my name was in the paper so much. I've actually never commented on anything and did my best to keep my head above water."

"But it's tough when you have people judging you so harshly."

"I've moved on and I hope other people will too and see that I am doing my best to try and have a normal life. You can't make everybody happy and people are going to think what they want to think."

On the real Rachel Uchitel: "It's almost like the crazy person saying, 'I'm not crazy!' [laughs]. People have a preconceived notion about somebody and nothing's going to change that unless you meet that person."

"You can read tabloids about celebrities, and most people have never met these celebrities, and they judge them based on how the story is written."

On Jessica Simpson's baby name choice: "I know that a lot of people were giving Jessica Simpson a hard time about Maxwell which I found interesting because people are so judgemental."

"If you meet somebody somewhere and you ask what name the baby is, you would never say, 'That is so awful,' or 'They're going to call that kid maxi-pad.' You would never say that!"

"It's such a personal choice. It's so awful for poor Jessica who is probably hormonal and going through all these changes to hear people making fun of her child's name."

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