Rachel Ehmke, Minnesota Teen, Commits Suicide After Months of Bullying

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Rachel Ehmke, a Minnesota seventh grader, reportedly took her own life as a result of three months of cruel bullying at the hands of her classmates.

Just 13, she was found hanged in her home on April 29 after suffering repeated abuse such as threats, being called a "slut," "prostitute," and worse.

A text message allegedly circulated through the student body three days before her death, encouraging others to pick on her so she'd quit school.

The text, described by a parent as "pretty explicit," came from a student at a different school, officials said. Regardless, it was too much for Ehmke.

Her parents, Rick and Mary Ehmke, said Rachel - who pleaded with them not to report the bullying, so as not to inflame it - left a note that read:

"I'm fine = I wish I could tell you how I really feel."

Somewhat surprisingly, Rick said he's not going to pursue legal ramifications against those whose actions pushed his daughter over the edge.

"They're kids who made horrible decisions. If [they] would've known this would happen I'm pretty sure they never, ever would have done what they did," her dad said.

"Sadly enough, even those kids that know who they are will carry this baggage their whole life. That's a sad thing too, it really is."


That's really sad. One thing I can't stand are bullies. They make me sick. Her parents really need to do something to punish the kids that did that.


I feel for these parents! Specially how I had to put my own daughter in a `mental hospital` because she tried to hang herself with a jump rope. She tried to do this the day before her 8th birthday! Nothing is scarier then knowing something is bothering your child and they wont tell you what it is. Come to find out some kids in her elementry school were picking on her. She is 8 now and (knock on wood) is finally happy with herself! I pray for all kids who are bullied and their families!


This is one of the saddest things I've ever hears. Kids can be cruel little sh1ts. I think the parents should press charges. That is ridiculous!!!!!!!! It makes me fear for my own daughter!

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