Rachel Ehmke, Minnesota Teen, Commits Suicide After Months of Bullying

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Rachel Ehmke, a Minnesota seventh grader, reportedly took her own life as a result of three months of cruel bullying at the hands of her classmates.

Just 13, she was found hanged in her home on April 29 after suffering repeated abuse such as threats, being called a "slut," "prostitute," and worse.

A text message allegedly circulated through the student body three days before her death, encouraging others to pick on her so she'd quit school.

The text, described by a parent as "pretty explicit," came from a student at a different school, officials said. Regardless, it was too much for Ehmke.

Her parents, Rick and Mary Ehmke, said Rachel - who pleaded with them not to report the bullying, so as not to inflame it - left a note that read:

"I'm fine = I wish I could tell you how I really feel."

Somewhat surprisingly, Rick said he's not going to pursue legal ramifications against those whose actions pushed his daughter over the edge.

"They're kids who made horrible decisions. If [they] would've known this would happen I'm pretty sure they never, ever would have done what they did," her dad said.

"Sadly enough, even those kids that know who they are will carry this baggage their whole life. That's a sad thing too, it really is."

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ohh Rachel I miss you!! she was my 'locker buddy' we'd talk and laugh she also sat by me in choir! Hun I miss you soo much!!


Rae i miss you so much i wish it did not have to end like this. Everybody misses you so much the person who misses you the most is Faith. R-Rachel's


Rachel Ehmke was a good friend of mine and she didn't look sad. She looked happy and joyful that last day at school. She was smiling and laughing. Kasson-Mantorville misses her deeply. People need to stop bullying for her! I miss and Love you Rachel Dee Ehmke.
R- Rachel's
I- In
P- Peace


Yeah, we had sumthin similar towards the end of my high school run back in '01 in erie pa. It was called 'peer mediation' where the bullied student can go to the 'student mediators' and they in turn would go to the bully to schedule a meeting w/ all parties involved. It was a GREAT idea and worked in most cases but unfortunately it never took...shame. I still wonder if they ever brought it back? With all the stuff going on now, i hope they did...


Miss Marielena,
I SALUTE you!!! You are such a wonderful inspiration!!! As far as I'm concerned, you REALLY cared about the growth, safety and well-being of your students. And I believe that you still care about those kids. Ma'am...GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!


As a retired school counselor, I am highly disturbed that schools do not do more to stop bullying. In the middle school where I worked, I started a program where popular older students volunteered to work with younger students who showed signs of being bullies to tell them that it wasn't "cool" to do that at this school. Also, when a student complained of bullying, I made sure I was near the spot where the bullying usually took place, and caught the bullies in the act, so that the bullied student would not be further bullied for "ratting them out." Schools MUST be pro-active in preventing bullying and firm in punishing bullies after the fact. My deepest sympathy to the family of Rachel.


Its so sad to know that how far bullying can lead a person to kill their selves ...I'm 24yrs old and up to this day I'm still being bullied and how I deal with it is block them out or think evil thoughts to harm them for doing me wrong n calling me names buut when I think of it , it doesn't make sense to try n hurt them back find someone to talk too seek help don't cut your life short for ppl who only bully others becuz they feel insecure of themselves...stand up to that bully don't be silent any longer*Sticks and stones may break my bones but your WORDS do not hurt me* go by this moTto as long as you know whatever they say about you aint true don't put on your head and think about only then you would believe every word they say...Parents need to be more active in a childs life they might think your nagging or over protective but its better to be that way then to know nothing at all that's going on in your childs life...may Rachel soul rest in peace...


Not enough is being done to stop bullying. I'm 30 yrs old (w/out children). I was bullied, i'm sure u guys were too, regardless of social class, gender, age etc. It's crazy to think that bullying has been going on for generations and NOW it's being addressed FINALLY. Idk


I live in Minnesota. On the news they were saying she might have staged her own suicide attempt because the text message was traced back to her iPod. They think she was hoping that her father would have walked in sooner it may be ruled as a suicide or accidental death but she was bullied as well.


How many more kids need to die before something gets done about bullying... It's do sad I've read so many articles about amercia and kids being bullied at school for there looks , they way the dress , glasses, because the don't look like right etc etc... It's sick that these kids are going to get away with pushing someone over the edge... I was bullied in school and was tormented really bad it hurts me to think there isn't a law that needs to be put in place or that children don't talk about it cx