Pusha T Slams Drake in "Exodus 23:1", Lil Wayne Responds in Intense Rap Beef

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A new Pusha T song, "Exodus 23:1," is the cause of a budding hip hop feud between the artist and Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, including Drake.

In the song, Pusha T does not name either Drake or his YM boss Weezy, but it's apparently obvious to peeps who listen to this stuff what he's referring to.

As a result, Wayne fired back at Pusha T and his supporters via Twitter: "Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em," he wrote on the social media site.

On "Exodus 23:1," Pusha raps:

Little Wayne
Pusha T Photo

"Contract all fucked up / I guess that means you all f--ked up / You signed to one n----, that's signed to another n----, that's signed to three n----s."

"Now that's bad luck / Damn that sh-t even the odds now / You better off selling this hard now / You call it living out your dreams / You can't fly without your wings."

What that means, we have no f--king idea, but it sounds hardcore, based on all the profanity, and Lil Wayne is clearly far from pleased about it.

Stay tuned. More angry Tweets are sure to come.

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I mean it is no Shakespeare, but then again the lyrics aren't The Dead Sea scrolls. If you took time to read the lyrics and the so called ghetto street slang you may have some understanding. I know signed to a N**** is a trick one to decipher but hey not everyone can read. Pusha T was a part of The Clipse who debuted with Pharrell and the Neptunes he already has a name for himself. So I wouldn't say the site is trashy, you just don't give a damn about the story so why even report on it if you don't get GHETTO STREET SLANG? Here is some slang I didnt get though -> (NOOT) HA HA HA


lol..trashy website? how trashy can it be?ur obviously taking time to read it. as for not understanding what his rap meant noot everyone understands ghetto street slang


Just for the person that runs the site the above picture is of Future who is Atlanta rapper. Where as Pusha T is from Virginia and looks different. Only similarities are the dreads and even those are different on both men. He is commenting that Drake is signed to Wayne, who is signed with Baby (Brian Williams Cash Money CEO), who is signed to Universal records. Basically saying Drake is getting robbed by having that many people in on his contract hence "You call it living out your dreams! You can't fly without your wings?" He isn't his own man he is an owned man in other words.


This website has horrible journalists! How do you not know what Pusha T is meaning? Don't blog about shit you have no clue about. You guys are amateurs. Trashy website.

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