PTC Calls for America's Got Talent Boycott Over "Vulgar" Howard Stern

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The Parents Television Council is at it once again.

This time, the focus of the organization's wrath is NBC and its decision to hire Howard Stern as a judge on the upcoming season of America's Got Talent.

In a follow-up to its original statement, slamming the show's decision to hire this controversial radio host, the PTC has now called for a boycott from all advertisers, sending a letter to 91 companies and urging them to consider their "media buy" in light of this "vulgar" new panelist.

Stern is only an expert when it comes to "looking at insecure, naked young women and telling them whether or not they were hot enough to pose for Playboy," the letter, obtained by TMZ, reads.

Does his decades-lone penchant for profanity, his affinity for degrading and sexualizing women, and his proclivity for vulgar and explicit dialog, accurately reflect your corporate values? the PTC asks advertisers in the letter.

Seems a bit harsh to us. It's not like the guy ever tried to have phone sex with Octomom. Oh... right.

What do you think? Should Howard Stern be a judge on America's Got Talent?


I do hope all the whiny whiners realize that Howard Stern is not going to be doing his usual adult oriented shtick on AGT. He, of all people, understands the difference between adult oriented entertainment and family oriented entertainment. I personally think he will be responsible AND refreshing. I really think the complainers need to relax & quit being so uptight about Stern anyway. There are way worse problems in life than a guy who likes boobs and jokes about sex. And how come no one ever gets upset over graphic depictions of violence? Or people who incite violence with their hate speech? Never a peep from the Prude Peanut Gallery then.


Can't stand Howard Stern - won't have AGT on in this house, this season. He needs to stay out of prime time and on his own channel where only those that want to indulge in his foolish sophomoric filth can just load themselves up.


I'm not that much of a Howard Stern fan but I will say this...I am SO SICK of the so-called PTC!!!!! They are nothing but a bunch of bullying and self-righteous HYPOCRITES!!!!! If they don't like what they see on TV, all they have to do is CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!! It's that simple. Most of all, the so-called PTC can all each GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!!!!!!


I removed AGT from my DVR the minute I saw he had been hired, and I had enjoyed it the past few years. I will not support anything that involves this piece of scum.


Howard is just the guy to have frank conversation with. About any topic. And if one disagrees with his personal constitution, consider the fact that few if any of his guests take him to task for his raunch. Ted Nugent would have a few choice words with the dude but the majority of the crowd of wealthy celebrities are not an ideal bunch of human beings. No work. All play all day types. Hey, blame our school system for churning out so many miscreants year after year after year. They set the stage more than less.


Personally, I just can't stand the Howard Stern and don't think anything about him is hilarious or smart or appealing in any way. He represents the triumph of the lowest common denominator in American taste and culture, and though I have watched this show in years past, I will not be tuning in this season.


Kind of ironic that a show that calls itself America's Got Talent would hire a no-talent hack like Stern. BTW Jawny.... freedom of speech refers to the right to free speech from the government, not opinions on web sites....

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