President Obama on The View: A Discussion of the Economy, Gay Marriage and Kim Kardashian

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President Barack Obama fielded questions about the economy, gay marriage, Fifty Shades of Grey - all the key issues - with the women of The View this week.

He corrected Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she described the President’s and Mitt Romney’s position on gay marriage as essentially the same. Not so, he says.

Obama discussed the JP Morgan banking crisis and much more in what was a pleasant, but ultimately forgettable and unnecessary visit to the daytime gab-fest.

There were some substantive policy discussions during his brief visit, but the highlight, at least from THG's perspective, was Obama dishing on celebrity gossip.

Watch him answer a pop quiz from Joy Behar below:

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@lady: You are arguing with the same person! The guy posts under many user-names to drown out comments he doesnt like. Oh and he also only posts on issues that involve gays or blacks who he hates those 2 groups very much. What other users do is we ignore him. Actually some people left the website but us who stayed, we dont engage him in anyway. The guy is jobless for godsake, so while you are at work or school, he is busy making up names for this website. SO DONT FEED HIM PLS. Now, since this post has made him angry he is going to make up many many names to attack it, just watch.


Now look, I'm done with giving my opinion to a bunch of ignorants ass people. A lot of you all are sick and need help. Some of you all comments, just don't make any damn sense.


What a clown. Romney for pres.


@Lady 'bout Eric Holder? You think he's a racist? I sure do! I think he's hell bent on being what I call a Civil Rights Nazi! He's a political hack, too! The thing is? Holder has to have the blessing of Obama for his legal antics, thus, you know the President knows what he's up to and agrees with him. They are both in cahoots! Holder's the gatekeeper for the Obama Admin.--their agenda is scary! It'll only get worse if The Anointed One gets another 4yrs.


@phony, you are not make any sense at all. You have so much hate for a man that you don't even know. How in the hell are you going to call someone racist, when your ass is the biggest shit starter of them all. Don't be quit to point the finger. So as to right now, I'm done!


@ Lady- because he is a Racist....Dipshit. He is a Civil Right President who will play the Card on any avenue he can. Just like his boy Holder. Obama has found someone to do his dirty work. If your white- get your head out of your ass. If your black- that explains it all.


Why don't some of you all get off of Obama d**k? Why is this man getting called a racist?


This guy is as predictable as they come! Yes- he's reaching high and low- setting the ground work and surrounding himself with all the people that have felt they have been wronged! A modern day Civil Rights leader for sure. This guy is nothing more than someone who has great ideas but doesn't have the Balls to follow through on any of them. He can't answer a straight forward question to save his racist ass. If it wasn't for weak minded white liberals he would have never been voted in to begin with.


Yeah, Obama goes on the View and gets really tough questions. Those girls wore out their pucker from kissing his $%^*


@James Why does he go on The View? He's clawin' for women's votes! But I'll tell ya, the women might just end up being his downfall. Barbara Walters behaved like a true journalist today when Obama said on the show "I think the Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed." And Walters asked the President if he would be working and leading the charge to get that Act repealed. His answer? "Well, the Congress knows how I feel about it." That was it. That one question was a real zinger. It should be an eye opener to the gay community that they do not have a sincere advocate for helping them gain their rights. Thanks you, Barbara Walters!

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