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Obama, if this is how you've felt all along, why are we just now hearing about it? I should hope that the people who voted for him in the past have seen what little he has brought to his presidency and know the true motive he has for his proclaimed stance. I am not anti-gay marriage. I am anti-Obama and refuse to watch him continue to bring down America.


This chickenshit is just trying to collect votes. Make up your mind obama for once. What took you so long if you admired gays!


I think it's wonderful that President Obama supports same sex marriage. I am a straight supporter of same sex marriage. We should be able to marry whoever makes us happy, without being judged.


I think its FABULOUS!!! There should never come a time when our government actually gets to choose what makes us happy & what doesn't. And, if we don't listen, we're judged for our beliefs. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, everyone should be able to marry the person who makes them happy, regardless of their sex.

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