Phillip Phillips vs. Jessica Sanchez: Who Will Win?

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We're down to two on American Idol. The final two. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

One is a young white male who is easy on the eyes and plays the guitar. In other words: the same exact pedigree as the last four winners.

The other has a beautiful voice and hasn't been afraid all year long of tacking such major artists as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She's responsible for the single most memorable American Idol performance of the season.

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez

Either would be a worthy champion. Only one will wear the crown next Thursday night.

Who do you want it to be?


I want jessica to win.. Great voice!!


Jessica should win this contest hand down, all this season i could not see anything in Phildoe Phillips that kept him on the show, he should have been voted off long ago. By far Jessica is the best singer on the show, I am thankful for the judges saving her. Jessica will go far as a recording artist


If this is a beauty contest, Philips wins. If this is a singing contest, Jessica wins. Who is the better artist, the total performer or the better singer. Who has the better talent? I think Jessica has the better talent and better singing.


Jessica is a great artist dont get me wrong, but Phillip Phillips had a great night last night. Phillip should win hands down. Jessica is a singer that we have all herd. There are so many ballad singers out there. We need someone who has the whole package and that is Phillip Phillips!!!!!!!


Singing is an artistry. It needs great skill. It's nt an overnight process. Thru exhausting exercise and hard work. Takes time to sing perfect and beautiful like jess did. Jess has a good vocal technique, and nt easy to sing like she does. Jess is def the true artist and the artiste!
If u dnt knw how to sing, pls dnt say any word abt Jess! U knw nothing at all !!!


"Most memorable" was This is a Man's World by Ledet, no doubt about that.


It's too late to guess and wish, Phillips Phillip has already won Idol. I know that for sure. Just wait and see! Sorry Jessica's fans!


Jessica is going to win because she is a better singer than Philip. We looking for a person who can sing NOT an artist.




i think jessica should win because she was amazing singer nothing can change that!!!!!

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