Phillip Phillips vs. Jessica Sanchez: Who Will Win?

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We're down to two on American Idol. The final two. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

One is a young white male who is easy on the eyes and plays the guitar. In other words: the same exact pedigree as the last four winners.

The other has a beautiful voice and hasn't been afraid all year long of tacking such major artists as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She's responsible for the single most memorable American Idol performance of the season.

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez

Either would be a worthy champion. Only one will wear the crown next Thursday night.

Who do you want it to be?


I am a girl that in the start have been a fan of Colton but has a spot for Jessica. I thik Jessica deserves to win American Idol with that talent, age, grace and star potential. She deserves to win this damn hell competition.
Go!!! Jessica


Jessica...Jessica...Jessica Good luck to both of you!


Her ego is untenable!!!


Phillip competing against Jessica is AN INSULT to Jessica's Talent...Let us all be real here ok......


PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!! However, both Jessica and Phillip deserve to be standing on that stage. It's now in America's hands...I voted, did you??? Just saying :)


Just remember folks that Jessica was saved. America will make the right choice and vote for Phillip Phillips. Was he ever at the bottom, he never got to the pont where he had to be saved either. Just goes to show you he deserves to be our next AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! GO PHILLIP GO !!!!!!!


I'm a 63 year old lady who totally enjoys this show. I am for Jessica ALL THE WAY. What a strong and powerful voice she has and a great personality as well to be the "Idol". Phillip is OK but I just can't see another "Country" boy and he is too shy. He just doesn't do it for me. I wasn't too happy with last year's pick. Maybe I am tone deaf, but Jessica gives me goose bumps! She definately will go far in the recording world. I see her as another Whitney! Pat in Florida


I think both did a great job, but feel that Jessica is the better singer. The last few years, the guys that have won, have not done very well. But, all is not lost. How many times have the # 2, 3 or 4 person gone farther than the actual winner.


Jessica jessica jessica is my girl, she deserve to win!!!


I don't get the Phillip love? He sounds the same every tim ehe sings no matter what he sings. Jessica should get it but I think Joshua was better than both.

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