Phillip Phillips vs. Jessica Sanchez: Who Will Win?

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We're down to two on American Idol. The final two. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

One is a young white male who is easy on the eyes and plays the guitar. In other words: the same exact pedigree as the last four winners.

The other has a beautiful voice and hasn't been afraid all year long of tacking such major artists as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She's responsible for the single most memorable American Idol performance of the season.

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez

Either would be a worthy champion. Only one will wear the crown next Thursday night.

Who do you want it to be?


jessica has a strong voice that can make it in this world,so i will vote for jessica i am very proud of her AND I NOW SHE WILL BE A GREAT SINGER


go jesicca .....


Jessica can sing,delivery, showmanship, diction is perfect. she is the next AMERICAN IDOL.


I support JESSICA shes my idol .... She will win today by the grace of GOD.


Jessica was so great singer ..she sing very well and she deserve to be a champion in American Idol season ..We Love YOU Jessica :)


lets end this by saying both families have given up a lot for there to "idols" to be here on that stage. They both have very different vocal strangths and weaknesses. I love Phillip and Jessica both. I would like to see Phillip win but I would be okay with second( because I have no choice...haha) Both Idols are amazing and let the best idol win. However, I do wonder why Phillip is being known for the WGWG. SO what, that's who he is. Its gotten him this far so I don't understand the big deal is. I also don't understand why people are saying he is going to win because he is attractive. Yeah,okay Phillip is like really attractive but that is just a bonus. I would still vote for him even if he wasn't that attractive. Who cares what they look like. If they're good, they're good.


I love you, Jessica!


jessica we will win in this compatation she deserve she has a powerful voice


please people u cant judge on what thier lives have been ,or where they come from.that's adding prejudice to the mix.if vocal talent were the only thing being judged, Joshua should still be on the show not Phillip.


You guys have to stop critizing. Both singers are good in their own style. Who ever wins deserves it. You're like dogs that keep on barking. Tweet heads.

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