Phillip Phillips vs. Jessica Sanchez: Who Will Win?

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We're down to two on American Idol. The final two. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

One is a young white male who is easy on the eyes and plays the guitar. In other words: the same exact pedigree as the last four winners.

The other has a beautiful voice and hasn't been afraid all year long of tacking such major artists as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She's responsible for the single most memorable American Idol performance of the season.

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez

Either would be a worthy champion. Only one will wear the crown next Thursday night.

Who do you want it to be?


I think that Adam is going to win. However, I don't want him to win. I think he'll win because he is so enctceric. Also, Paula is practically in love with him and cries every time he sings. (I know the judges' votes don't matter anymore.) I want Allison to win, though. Every one probably likes Kris because he is cute. Yes, he has a good voice, but it's not phenomenal. Danny is pretty good too, and I can't say who is better between him and Allison. Here's what I like about Allison:She's really pretty (even though that doesn't matter)She can sing slow songs and fast songs.She has a raspy tone to her voice.She can be loud or quiet.She can do all sorts of song genres!!Allison is by far my favorite. I hope it gets down to her and Adam. I think it might, and I hope she wins.


Producers of American Idol are the real winners in terms of millions
of money$$. Phillips and Jessica will get record deals.
However, American Idol obviously downgraded and underestimated the
intelligence, sensitivites, judgment and color of the contestants,
audience and viewers in national TV. American Idol do not care about
principles,right or wrong judgments or blogs and comments except their
$$$ and sponsors. So goodbye American Idol.


Jessica is a minority thats why she didnt win...Thats why its called American Idol....Duhh...You need to be white or black to win and not filipino, chinese or hispanic. And it doesnt matter if you have a great voice, as long as your white and cute, you win....Thats why america is suffering from recession because of how amricans (white) treated minorities...Karma is a bitch...


I am sooosooosooo proud of phillip phillips. Its not that his attitude was "i don't care", it was that he was not willing to change who he was and himself for what others wanted. He wasn't going to become something he wasn't. I am very very proud of him for that. I feel bad for Jessica too though. I still think Phillip deserved to win. I have to say though that the percentages for last nigh were extremely close. look:
Phillip Phillips- 50.03 Jessica Sanchez 49.97


I too, am upset that Idol is not about talent so much as the "young men" that somehow (young girls) rule it. As others have said, Phillip is not that good looking, and his voice, sucks! HOWEVER, this new generation loves the unkempt look, the 'I don't give a damn' attitude and thus...Phillip wins. He appears to be a nice guy but this is a talent show, it's about voices....and the voting system allows for the few to call over and over for one person....not fair!!! Idol has finally lost me!!!


I am so dissappointed in idol..Jessica & Josh should of been in the finals. Jessica should of won..& Josh was'nt the better looking. Honestly idol is going to need to change up their voting somehow because these young guys are always going to win...Phillip was defintely not the better singer and his dress was for the final show was attitude all along was an I don't care attitude. I am sure Jessica & Josh will go so much further...but it goes to show it is more about how cute someone is then talent. JUST SAYIN!!!!


Really get tired of all the reverse discrimination by non-whites in the U.S. Heard recently that 50.4% of the U.S. population is now non-white. So now you are the majority!!! Now's your chance to get the upper hand on all us Crackers that have been holding you all back for all of these years! Heaven forbid that one of you might win the American Idol contest next year! You all don't know how much damage you do every day to further hate and discrimination by your constant attacks on Whitee. I don't want my children or grandchildren exposed to you or your kind of hate. And should you physically harm one of my loved ones, you will pay the price 10 fold! This comment was brought to you because of your reaction to Jessica Sanchez being "cheated" by "the Man!" Now go tell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on me. You all crap in your own nest!


I totally agree with Doris regarding her opinion about America. America has not changed even though people say they changed.Deep down this bias issues still engraved in their brains. Com'mon.....This is America. Your color still counts.


My opinion Jessica doesn't have to contest for the finals because America being America bias as usual... will vote for Phillips.. No matter what... whether he got talent or no talent he will win because the fact is... he is white and he is also an American.So for me watching American Idol since season 1 ... realised.. talent is no 2, when it comes to your skin color.. sadly this is the truth.
Philips should not be in the finals. Compared him to Scotty, I still prefer Scotty for his rich voice...I don't mind buying his CD. So I'm not surprised when Philips is the next American Idol... nothing new...he is only a seasonal winner... in along run he will be forgotten as a singer...


jessica will win because of her abilities, she sings a lot better than Phillip Phillips, much better indeed !

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