Phillip Phillips: Urged to Seek Medical Help

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Might the success of Phillip Phillips on American Idol be jeopardizing his health? Without a doubt, YES, according to the singer's doctors.

TMZ reports that the finalist's physicians are adamant: Phillips needs surgery to repair a kidney issue as soon as possible. His family doctor even spent the entire day last Saturday - during Phillip's Idol-sponsored trip home to Georgia - by the contestant's side.

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But Phillips would be sidelines for six weeks if he underwent the recommended procedure, so he is choosing to soldier on through at least next Thursday's American Idol finale.

In the meantime, Phillip is simply taking medication, but that's also resulting in dry mouth and possibly impacting his singing. Either way, though, win or lose, the talented young man's journey will come to an end in one week.

Who do you think should win American Idol?


I love Phillip and just because he's not feeling well doesn't change how I feel. If anything I praise him for being so spectacular every week and not feeling well. He's absolutely amazing and I could listen to him forever. Jessica has a great voice but she has no stage presence. Phillip is the whole package...and I know he is going to win !!!!!


poor philip. kidney pain is the worst!!! get well asap !


phillip will win, but if for some reason he doesn't, he will still have an amazing road ahead of him just from being in the finals. He'll get a record deal regardless. GO PHILLIP!


Jessica and Phillip are both great, but Jessica should win!


@Deb, i think he is never in the music videos because he needs all the rest he can get. he is sick, you know.


Phil will win it all. Jessica doesn't appeal to as many people as Phil. I wouldn't buy her album, but I can't wait to buy his!


I absolutely think Phil will win idol! He is so awesome!


Is that why he is never in those ford commercials?


Go P2 go! Crush that slug Jessica!

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