Phillip Phillips: Urged to Seek Medical Help

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Might the success of Phillip Phillips on American Idol be jeopardizing his health? Without a doubt, YES, according to the singer's doctors.

TMZ reports that the finalist's physicians are adamant: Phillips needs surgery to repair a kidney issue as soon as possible. His family doctor even spent the entire day last Saturday - during Phillip's Idol-sponsored trip home to Georgia - by the contestant's side.

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But Phillips would be sidelines for six weeks if he underwent the recommended procedure, so he is choosing to soldier on through at least next Thursday's American Idol finale.

In the meantime, Phillip is simply taking medication, but that's also resulting in dry mouth and possibly impacting his singing. Either way, though, win or lose, the talented young man's journey will come to an end in one week.

Who do you think should win American Idol?


This website deleted half my comment >.


I kinda with you vicky. He isn't all that good. The music world today is spiraling out of control. Why can't people see TRUE talent? Why are people cheering on singers who use auto-tuning or who are drug addicts?


Phillip Phillip should not even be on that final next week. People wake up they are competing not for looks but the best singer. We all know Philip is being voted by those young girls that thinks he is hot. He is not a singer, he cannot hit his notes most of the time. America made a big mistake on eliminating Joshua. Did you all notice the faces of those judges??? they knew that Philip cannot deliver his voice is good only for those who are not listening but just looking. AI is a singing competetion not a beauty contest. Think of that people when u vote next week. Philip cannot sing he gets lucky and that is why he always made those changes when he sings,.cause he cannot hit the notes. !!!!It should have been Joshua and Jessica to compete for AI next week . Philip should have been gone long time ago. It is just those young girls hormone that made them vote for him. Stupid girls that do not know anything !!!!


If AI is really a singing competition, then Jessica wins hand down.


i am an alternative medical Dr. there has been no mention of the kidney issue. (stones,nephritis etc etc)
There may be some alternatives to surgery i.e. cold laser therapy, PEMF therapy, homeotherapeutics,
I would be happy to help if someone wishes to contact me and let me know what the condition is based on diagnostics.
My consultation and therapy,if it is warranted, would be done at no cost to Phillip or his family.
Dr. P.M. Goodman NMD, PhD


sorry but his health should be more important then the american idol..he could have came back and or still have gotton a record deal either way...what gonna happen if his kidneys are damged for good ..not a dam comes first...


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Phillip Phillips is the real deal----for him to put his surgery off til the end....he wants this bad. Love him--he deserves to win this. If that gal wins then American Idol is rigged!!! I'm pulling for Phillip--he's the real American Idol.


He is amazing ! I hope he does win but if he don't its ok , cause Jessica is just as good, she isn't as oringal as phillip Phillips but that's because she is so young yet . But I give props to both of them. They both have amazing voices and talent .


I love Phillip Phillips!! He has a great voice. I think he should win.

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