Phillip Phillips Reacts to American Idol Victory

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He is the champion, our friends.

It took months of performing and over 132 million votes, but Phillip Phillips was finally crowned the American Idol winner last night. And while the outcome may have been clear to many fans for a long time now, try telling that to the 11th title-holder in show history.

American Idol Champion

"I don't really feel anything," Phillip told reporters after the show. "Its crazy I'm still a little numb from the whole situation, it's just so unreal. Did I think I was gonna win? Heck no. It's so unreal. It hasn't sunk in yet.

"It's such a blessing to have, I'm kinda ready to try and comprehend it all. After I won, I wasn't thinking about anything. I wasn't thinking about the song, I wasn't wanting to sing or anything. I just started thinking about the journey and how far all of us have come and how far we made it, it's so overwhelming. Jessica has a huge future ahead of her and we're both supportive of each other. I love playing music and I'm just a lucky guy."

Relive this singer's journey now in our Phillip Phillips video section and then vote: Did the right contestant win?


Phillip is not just a singer, he whole being is music. Everything about is rhythm and excitement--they call it genius. His talent is in how he makes YOU feel--it is impossible to listen to him and not have some reaction. The judges need to be canned--this show has been bastardized by these self-promoting know nothings. I hate them. Steven is a drug addled pervert--wouldn't let my daughter anywhere near the place. AI should be ashamed.


Honestly guys, Phillip Phillps won because he is a true artist!!! We rarely get to experience true artist today. Most sings have their voices manipulated to sound a certain way. Phillip brings back the sound of artist who treuly sung with all the gimmicks. Also it was NOT WHO IS THE BETTER SINGER, THEY BOTH ARE GREAT SINGERS, IT WAS THE GENRU. Phillip just takes us back in time his gift. I look so forward to be hearing his own written songs come to use to listen and enjoy.


RACIST MY ASS. If the show is racist, then the Joshua Ledet fans should be pissed. I AM SICK OF THE DAMN RACE CARD. It's a cop out for when you cannot really have an opinion.SUCK IT UP and just deal with it. I was for Joshua (damn I'm white, what's up with that?) and then when Joshua couldn't win because he wasn't in the final, I voted for PP. WHY? Because he has the best chance at being a star in the recording industry. Jessica is good, but she isn't going to be a recording star. There are tons of women who can sing like she does. PP is unique.


Racist? Yep..WGWG. Thats the racist part. Folks here of all races supported Phillip because he does see things based on color.


I am happy he won ,but sad Jessica didn't. I really liked them both. But when it comes to be being a artist Phillip Phillips is it. He may not sign as good as Jessica but he has the passion to and knowledge to do great. Jessica is young and has a lot of learning to do . But I think she will be just as amazing as Phillip .


To not impressed- RACIST!!!!!!! r u fucking kidding me u have to pull the racist card!?!?!?!?!? do us all a favor and don't watch it next year please!!!!!!!!! stupied ppl like u make the world suck


To me it isn't about just who's voice is better,but who's album I would buy and honestly she may have a better voice but I wouldn't buy her album but I would his.I would prefer listening to his voice than hers.


I think America picked the right choice. Jessica IS a good singer but she is not the total package. You have to feel it from the heart and make the audience feel it to. Phillip Phillips was natural and at ease when he got up on the stage. I love his gravelly voice and he is different from other singers out there. There are lots of Jessicas to chose from. Don't worry though. She'll get her contract and so will Joshua.


Although I believe Phillip to be a great artist. I personally believe that America got it wrong. I believe American Idol needs to revisit the voting process and include some within the industry along with America's votes. Because if it continues down this road it's going to lose a lot of potential contestants because of predictable types of winners. Phillip a great artist but I believe Joshua & Jessica will be more successful.


I think the American people made a big mistake, but maybe not intentionally. The comments by the judges were very unfair on the final song. I think the judges should just critique the contenstants rather than try to persuade the voters. I also think the judges should quit performing on the show. They are judges not guest performers. It is not about them. I believe the show is rigged and the voting has nothing to do with it. Also some households bote 500 times. Once per household should do it. It is really sad that this has turned into a racist issue rather than who really had the talent. Very disapointing over all. Not going to watch any more.

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