Phillip Phillips Makes American Idol History

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Move over, Kelly Clarkson. Take a seat, Carrie Underwood. Continue to toil away in obscurity, Ruben Studdard.

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    Jessica has a beautiful voice, but was not entertaining. She just stood there and sang, was not fun to watch. Joshua screamed most of his songs, was annoying. Phillip had it all. A good voice, (unique) and VERY entertaining. He deserved to win!


    I think Philip Philips is the best, he've got good voice and got skill.


    Congratulations keep bringing ,joy, to the world


    Actually Kew, Phillip WAS the best singer. Unlike Joshua who did James Brown 1960 impersonations, surrounded by Gospel Choirs and every special effect American Idol had in it's arsenal to assist singers in need of special effects to distract the audience from their only average talents. Those special effects would include Joshua's "Liberace - Las Vegas Cheap Lounge Singer Suits" with glitter and spangles and huge flowers stabbed through their lapels. And dragging Momma up onto the stage was a cheap trick. I wonder if Joshua has a girl friend? Why not? Hmmmm.


    Ryan E, Phillip's single is in the Top 10 of the Hot 100. The only reason it isn't at number 1 is because first, it's had only 4 days of release when the chart was updated, second, Billboard now includes radio spins. The radio spin factor was only added the past couple of years. He was number one on iTunes and at one point had 11 singles in the iTunes Top 100. He has 2 singles charting in the Billboard100 now.


    phillips deserved winning....he got good voice,a bit husky,but beautifully organized voice,if 1person can vote a thousand,then why others do that the same with jessica????lets leaved to them the good 1 wins,lets respect phillip give him the courtesy he deserves...people choose to vote and win their be it,its think jessica was been eliminated but saved by the judges!!!lets be proud for what others have acheived,be happy for them


    He won idol,but he was not the best singer. Josh and Jessica were the best,they sang rings around him. But the show is so rigged,people can vote a thousand times for one Person, it is really a who is the best looking and most popular show.


    I agree with the reporter - "take a seat Carrie Underwear" - Phillip moved faster in one day than you have in years. You're a mid-age Barbie Doll, Phillip is 21, the same age you were when you lucked out. Now step aside lady and make room for the first original talent that we've seen on "American Idol". Quit complaining about your BBF and go download "Home" and listen to a singer with more talent than bleached hair.


    he deserves that because he is good enough


    I'm betting Phillip will have a "run" akin to Taylor Hicks and that isn't anywhere close to Kelly or Carrie's successful careers in music.

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