Phillip Phillips' Kidney Surgery Postponed Due to High Fever

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Ailing American Idol winner Phillip Phillips will not have his long overdue kidney surgery today as scheduled, because he's burning up with a fever.

As if he weren't enduring enough turmoil, Phillips now has a bad sinus infection that has triggered a high fever. As a result, surgeons will not operate.

We're told the surgery has been rescheduled for early next week.

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Phillip has a serious congenital kidney condition that produces kidney stones so large he cannot pass them. This has all but debilitated his right kidney.

He's been through eight surgeries to date, and battled through almost the entire season of American Idol with a stent that was inserted two months ago.

This caused Phillip extreme, continuous pain ... almost as bad as what this young Jessica Sanchez fan went through a week ago Wednesday.

Get well soon P-squared.


we r all u here in indiana ............. hope u get better.............and yes u r the best keep up the hard work


may God bless you with a successful surgery. You are the best! You deserve to win.


Get well Phil. I pray for you with all the love in my heart. Please get well soon, so the world can hear you sing again. God be with you through these trying times. Luv you!


JI hope u feel better soon, u seem like such a good soul! My mother and myself love ur style and ur crazy faces u make. You always make us smile. Keep up the good work looling forward to hearing more of ur music.
Take care Cutie!


We have rooted for you since day one, without knowing your suffering. We really are neighbors, Tallahassee is not that far away. Get well and back to the business of making everyone feel good with your special brand of music. We all love you down here. PS; that also goes for your family and friends.


losserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and cheater you had to break a girls heart i hope you never come back


Get well soon Phil!!! You are an inspiration to all sick people every where. You battled hard and won the show even though you weren't feeling good. We are all preying for you to get well soon!!!


Get well soon. Will be praying for you. You had a unique style and stayed true to yourself. I loved that about you. You are a great son. Giving car to your parents. Will be listening.for your music..


Get better and prayers for you phillip and your family and girlfriend. Big road ahead for you all and get well and strength. You are young and there is plenty of time for you!! Looking forward to your first cd. So take it easy and get well soon. Andd girlfriend you too! Mom and Dad and all family too!!!! Lots of timme for a great great future for phillip, so get better and then we will all see and hear you very soon. We love you!


Awe, I hope you get well soon, Phil! Take care of yourself. You have all the time in the world to do the music thing. Take care of your health first. You can't do anything until you get yourself better. Hang in there! :)

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