Paulina Gretzky Posts, Removes More Racy Photos

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Paulina Gretzky is up to it again. Or at least she was.

About five months after the daughter of the greatest professional hockey in history created an online stir by posting a series of bikini photos to Twitter - only to quickly remove them and delete her account with no explanation - the 23-year old blonde has moved on to Instagram.

Gretzky once again published a slew of kind of racy pictures this week... but then quickly took them down. This is the Internet, however, so the images live on in eternity. Herewith, a sampling:

Paulina Gretzky Bikini Shot
Paulina Gretzky Bikini Photo
Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photo

It's unclear what the big deal is. These pics are less revealing that Sofia Vergara's latest spread in GQ. And it's not as though her father is running for political office.

Unless... Wayne Gretzky for Canadian Prime Minister?!? You read it here first.


Please ..... she's just having some fun. she is only 24 why not.


So what who cares


Wow...I appreciate your artistic ability to see the similarity between the over stylized tittie photo spread of Vergara and Paulina's straddle legged smug mug. Good for you guys.


Perhaps he doesn't want his daughter to be know as a useless, vulgar whore like the KockROACHians. What does Hollywied have against decency?

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