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Good thing Mitt Romney won the GOP presidential nomination Tuesday night, as he may need some positive headlines to overshadow this awesome typo.

Twitter is ablaze with commentary this morning after it came to light that the Romney campaign's newly iPhone app, "With Mitt," misspelled "America."

The free app allows supporters to personalize pics superimposed with phrases like "I stand with Mitt," "Obama isn't working" and "American Greatness."

Or perhaps "Amercian" greatness would be more accurate:


Unfortunately for the candidate - and more so the developer who gets fired - one of the slogans amusingly plasters "A Better Amercia" across the image.

"Mistakes happen," Andrea Saul, Romney Press Secretary, said in an appearance on MSNBC this morning. "I don't think any voter cares about a typo."

Probably not, but it does make for some comic relief - especially from Mitt the micro-manager - amid a steady stream of often contentious political news.

BTW, as of now, the app still had not been fixed. Programmers ...

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Broadway fans dreamed a dream in time gone by, that one of the most iconic stage productions in history would be properly presented as a musical on the big screen.

And while we need to wait until December 14 to see if the upcoming movie version lives up to expectations, the following debut trailer should give Les Miserables followers far more hope than French peasants possessed in the 19th century.

Its A-list cast includes Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, the latter of whom is featured here belting out a version of the play's most famous song, the same track that Susan Boyle made famous on Britain's Got Talent.

Watch now:

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A New York judge has apparently decided to reinstate charges against Robert Linhart, a crazed fan arrested outside Madonna's apartment two years ago.

This after dismissing his case earlier ... don't see that every day.

Linhart, a retired New York City firefighter, was arrested in September 2010 after carrying a sign that read, "M, the Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please XXX." Yeah. Real normal.

Hot Madonna Picture

Linhart was charged at the time with a host of offenses: criminal mischief, graffiti, and possession of a weapon ... an ice pick he allegedly had in his car.

But lucky for him, area prosecutors failed to bring him to trial within 180 days of his original indictment, so a judge dismissed Linhart's case in March 2012.

However, a judge now says that the 180 days were previously miscalculated and that prosecutors have 15 more days to formally bring him to trial.

Good for Madge. Bummer for him, and the first judge who can't do math.


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Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron are at major odds in Snow White and the Huntsman, which hits theaters on June 1.

But don't let their fictional feud fool you: these two stars couldn't be more in awe of each other! That much is made clear in the latest issue of Interview.

“She is unlike anyone I’ve ever encountered,” Stewart says of Theron. “She is one of those people who walks into a room and everyone knows it.”

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron Interview Cover

Continues the Twilight Saga beauty, gushing:

"She’s a f-cking movie star... I think she loves being an actor and is so true to it that she might not acknowledge everything she’s capable of. But she’s so real all the time. She’s not the type who is easily rocked on a set. She’s very much in control of her thing.”

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A 28-year-old known only as Rachel has gained viral fame, and a nickname - Ridiculously Photogenic Girl - after posting downright adorable pics of herself after surgery.

“I’m currently in the ICU of the Cleveland Clinic,” she wrote on Reddit. “My pain is being reasonably managed, but I cannot fall asleep. Anyone care to entertain me?”

Judging by the response, the answer was yes. The post got 612 comments, many about her beauty, and became its own meme, with takeoffs on the pic such as this:

Photogenic Girl

Rachel, an Army wife and mother from Dayton, Ohio, has congenital emphysema, a lung disease she’s had all her life but was recently exacerbated by pneumonia.

Nearly 60 percent of her right lung was damaged and had to be removed.

“I begged my surgeon to let me see it when he got it out,” she wrote. “He took pics, though, and I will get to see them today. Anyone want to check them out??”

No, but 612 people are clearly happy to check her out. Not that we blame them. Rachel said even she was surprised by how great she looked after major surgery.

“I am just as surprised as everyone else that I managed to look like that,” she wrote. “I was on so many pain meds ... I couldn’t feel anything but happiness!”

Even Ridiculously Photogenic Girl is human, though. When the painkillers wore off, "it was a very different picture in there," Rachel conceded.

  • Photogenic Girl Pic
  • Rachel Pic

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The producers of Family Guy would like to be nominated for an Emmy Award. But some don't believe their latest mailing will accomplish this goal.

The flyer speaks for itself:

Family Guy Mailer

Naturally, anyone who has heard any of a number of Family Guy quotes is aware this is par for the sitcom's controversial, non-PC course. But that doesn't mean the campaign is going over well.

"While I think Family Guy is a genuinely funny show, we all - including this 'Brentwood Jew' -need to think twice about this kind of humor," a TV executive told E! News. "Stereotyping any particular ethnic group is just not cool and can lead others (with the wrong intentions) to feel a certain license to take shots. Surely Seth [MacFarlane] has better stuff than this."

What do you think of the campaign? Did the show go too far?


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A terrifying Miami cannibal attack shocked the nation last weekend after a naked homeless man, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene, was found eating the face off 65-year-old victim, Ronald Poppo. A police officer was forced to fatally shoot Eugene.

The story has received tremendous coverage and triggered talk if a zombie apocalypse.

Poppo has amazingly survived the grisly attack by Rudy Eugene but is in critical condition, and reportedly only has his mustache and goatee intact on his face.

  • Ronald Poppo Mug Shot
  • Rudy Eugene Mug Shot

Detectives believe Eugene had been high on bath salts, which can become toxic and lead to psychosis if inhaled or injected, rather than used for aromatherapy.

While this is by far the craziest, other incidents around the U.S. this month have led conspiracy theorists to suggest a "zombie apocalypse" is indeed upon us.

In fact, between May 16 and Saturday, look at what happened:

  • On May 16, students and teachers at a Florida high school had to be quarantied after breaking out in a mysterious rash, the Huffington Post reports.
  • On May 21, a Bellwood, Illinois, man was arrested after allegedly biting an 18-year-old woman's cheek, according to
  • On May 23, a Spring Valley, Calif., man was arrested for allegedly biting the tip off of his cousin's nose off, according to NBC San Diego.
  • On May 26, a Florida anesthesiologist allegedly banged his head against the inside of a cop car until he started bleeding following a DUI arrest. He then proceeded to allegedly spit blood in a police officer's face, according to ABC News.

Rudy Eugene's devouring of Ronald Poppo remains by far the most horrifying and gory, but it makes you wonder when the next bizarre incident will occur.

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This might make all future reunions of Lost cast members a bit awkward...

In response to a follower yesterday asking Dominic Monaghan to encourage former co-star Matthew Fox to join Twitter, the man behind Charlie Pace replied: "he beats women. No thanks."

  • Dominic Monaghan Picture
  • Fox, Matthew

Was this simply a reference to the drunken incident from August 2011 when Fox was accused of punching a female bus driver? Nope. Elaborated Monaghan to another Twitter fan:

"you don't know either of us. he beats women. not isolated incidents. often. not interested."

Moreover, the actor isn't afraid of any kind of legal retaliation by Fox because "an accusation is when you 'claim' someone did something wrong. i know," Monaghan wrote. "And it's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth."

Wow. Somewhere, Fox must be seething. And Team Breezy members must be lining up to defend him.


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Unstable, overbearing and generally painful Lindsay Lohan momager Dina Lohan is set to produce a Broadway-based reality show AND star in Hollywood Exes, a new reality show scheduled to air VH1 about … well, you can figure that out.

The former spouses of Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy will also participate. Along with the ex-wife of … Michael Lohan? What's wrong with this picture.


Dina will be shooting several episodes, but is not a full-blown member of the cast, at least at the start. Producers reportedly brought Dina in because she's friends with members of Hollywood Exes' cast and believe that she will "spice things up."

Wait … Dina has friends?

Lindsay Lohan and uber-thin Ali Lohan will not be appearing on the show, BTW, nor will MiLo … which makes you wonder how Dina intends on spicing up anything.


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Justin Bieber's alleged attack on a member of the paparazzi - who accuses him of roughing him up and leaving him in need of medical attention - is clearly BS.

Can you see Justin Bieber roughing someone up? Seriously?

That's beside the point, though. Whatever happened, Biebs' altercation is just the latest in a long string of tense run-ins between stars and the media who cover the celebrity gossip we crave. Here's a look back at seven of the most memorable:

1. Britney Spears: After a downward spiral that saw her shave her head, file for divorce and deliver her second child in the span of a year, Spears suffered a meltdown in February 2007 that saw her violently attack a paparazzo's car with an umbrella:

2. Russell Brand: Katy Perry's ex recently gave a whole new meaning to the term "dropped call" as he grabbed a photographer's iPhone and flung it through a nearby window. Brand later turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

3. Kanye West: The rapper racked up three misdemeanor charges in 2008 after he was arrested for allegedly wrestling with a photographer at LAX, grabbing his camera and smashing it on the floor. The charges were eventually dropped.

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