Ola Ray, Michael Jackson Video Star, Settles Lawsuit Over "Thriller" Profits

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Ola Ray, the girl who played Michael Jackson's date in the famed "Thriller" music video (below), has settled her lawsuit over payment for her role.

Three years after filing suit, and 29 years after starring in it.

Ray sued MJ and his production company in May 2009, the month before Jackson died, claiming she was owed royalties from the 1983 smash.

The video was perhaps Jackson's biggest career highlight.

The former Playboy Playmate sued Jackson for breach of contract, insisting that she was still owed a massive share of "Thriller" profits.

Terms were not disclosed, but the out-of-court settlement implies Ray was paid in some way, rather than the court tossing her complaint.

"Thriller" video director John Landis has filed a similar lawsuit against MJ Estate, with both sides still trying to negotiate a settlement.


I would've did the same thing...it doesn't matter if she did the lawsuit now are later longest she got paid it doesn't matter if Michael died are a live ..........stlouis

@ Jamail

Maybee they had something went on back then we never know if they were in a real relationship like what I mean a marriage or intiment relationship together or we never know that they may had a child back then for 29 years around that thriller time.


Lord hav mercy! ola must be crazy. she filled d suit a month b4 he died
alrite but y did she take so long b4 doing dat? i neva heard of anythn
like a law suit frm ola of thriller in all my years of being an astute
fan of m.j. yeah rite, d babe's out of cash


No one really is paying attention. I kove the things Michael has done but in all honesty when you do a video or production or even a movie or play there are always more than just one individual that makes it work or successful so her and anyone else who made that possible should be compensated without having to ask.


Ola can't be for real!! 29 years later? Trying to get money from a dead man? This is shameless, pitiful, and plain dumb. If the contract was truly an issue she should have said something from the first time she was wronged! Its not a good look for Ola and it shows what she really is. Just sad!!


obviously YOU werre not paying attention, she filed it 29 YEARS AFTER starring in it !!! She a nobody, MJ was doing new stuff and getting ready to tour, she needed to get her name back out there, and try for some unearned cash in the process


You obviously was not paying attention when you read the article.It states plainly she filed the suit a month BEFORE he died.


Uh wat the hell? Ola for real? U wait until mj dies to sho how much of a gold digger u really are! U and everyone else trying to get money from mj's estate need to be ashamed or ur selfs. Why didnt u do it wen he was alive? Why didnt u do it 29 years ago? Why now? Wait i kno, ur broke right? Lol so instead of being a real woman and getting a job, u try to get it free! Well let me tell u sum thing honey, nothing is free. And u will reap wat u sew.

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