Octomom Bankruptcy Filing: REJECTED By Judge!

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It just keeps getting worse for Nadya Suleman.

Octomom's Chapter 7 papers were apparently not filed properly and have been rejected by the judge, leaving her bankruptcy filing null and void.

Yes, this is really possible ... you learn something every day. In any case, her creditors are now free to come after her in full force. Hooray?

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Octomom filed for bankruptcy on April 30, but according to documents filed Tuesday, Nadya didn't file all the necessary paperwork in time.

Nor did she ask the court for an extension, so her case was dismissed.

Without the Chapter 7 protection, all the people she owes bank to can come a-callin' ... and her list of creditors is quite long. Totaling over $500,000.

Let's hope Octomom's porn video career generates some much-needed revenue for her. The beleaguered mother of 14 needs to keep her DirecTV.

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I agree with you. Also, get this...do you know why that power-hungry BLOWHARD Dr. Phil had that Octo-Moron on his show at all? Well...I do. Dr. Phil (back then) was so desperate to jump-start the very MEDIOCRE ratings on his show that he thought that nutso Nadya would somehow boost his show's pitiful ratings. Fast forward to now...as far as I'm concerned, in terms of lack of common sense, Dr. Phil is no better than that stank-fest Octo-Moron. Peace.


Joe T, she makes $42,000.00 in tax credits and you complain. Yet why don't you complain about G.E. who makes $42,000,000,000 in profits and pays NO TAXES at ALL. Those 14 children will be tax payers some day. You'll get your money back when you retire unless the Republicans take that away from us also.


She should get together with that idiot in Tennessee, Desmond Hatcher with the 30 kids. Together they could have over a hundred little rug rats and let the tax payers take care of it. How do people that stupid survive ? And to think they get to vote also.


she ought to get together with that Desmond Hatchet fool with the 30 kids he can't support and wants the govt. to take care off. Together he and this town clown could have a record number of kids, into the dozens I am sure, and let the taxpayers care for them. What a concept, a world record.


lol Scorpio.....I do agree that she was quite arrogant back then. I thought that she was stupid and crazy for trying to conceive a large set of multiples; and if I remember correctly, she was struggling to take care if the kids she already had. The problem is that anybody can do in vitro fertilization, as long as they have the money ( and how DID she get that money, anyway?) And there is no way to control how many eggs get fertilized. It's hard to tell someone who has tried, in vain, to get pregnant the normal way, that in vitro could cause them to have more children than they can afford, which will put a burden on society. And hence, that is the problem with in vitro. But, Octomom should NEVER have had in vitro, that second time. But, how do you legislate that?


It amazes me how most people complain about our tax dollars helping babies and never complain or say "Jack" about all OUR tax dollars going to WAR WEAPONS and military operations because that's where the bulk of OUR money goes...not to feed or educate babies...wow! Get real!!!


The doctor that implanted her should be liable for child support and not the tax payers. It was HER and HIS decision to have all the kids so why now since all her dreams of being rich did not pan out should the US Taxpayers have to pay for this? What about the doctor providing Child support, they basically are his children since he did the implant. This is not the taxpayers problem...


cont . 15000 owed in child support what asking for help for what to buy a brain come on


Wow im a student with a


I recall when this all came about, the infamous Octomom was arrogant and very entitled and needed no one! She was obviously short sighted and yet every news/gossip agency booked her on their programmes to be part of the circus. Even then I knew how it would turn out and simply switched channels. I also knew that when things turned lots of "know-it-alls" would talk every which way about how "it's only those kids", "the kids are innocent and we should do this and that", Dr. Phil was the biggest culprit giving Octomom way too much visibility on his otherwise mediocre show. Well Octomom be dammed! take the kids away and ump the bitch!


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