North Carolina Amendment One Bans Gay Marriage in State

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An overwhelming North Carolina vote to define marriage as legal only between a man and woman dealt a strong blow to gay marriage supporters this week.

With 58 percent support, the measure made North Carolina the 29th state to ban gay marriage, which is legal in only six states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maryland and New York) and the District of Columbia.

Washington and Maryland passed legislation to permit it, but those laws have yet to take effect. In any case, North Carolina deals marriage equality a setback.

NC Amendment One

The state's Amendment One also proved that despite slow, but steady increases in support nationally, same-sex unions remain unappealing in many areas.

The vote came as President Obama has been facing criticism from his Democratic base for not coming out in favor of gay marriage, even as several of his Cabinet officials - including Vice President Joe Biden - have expressed support.

The most recent Gallup poll shows a plurality of voters support gay marriage, with the number backing it growing over the last several years.

But the results in North Carolina, a major presidential battleground state narrowly won by Obama in 2008, could temper that momentum.

Obama’s description of himself as “evolving” on the issue amounts to a public flirtation, prompting speculation that he’ll become a gay-marriage supporter in time for the Democratic National Convention this summer in Charlotte.

But the president is counting on North Carolina and demographically similar states, like Virginia, to lift him to a second term in a tight race.

Assuming an unpopular position on such a high-profile issue is politically dangerous if he hopes to defeat Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

It is probably much more likely that Obama continues to occupy the grey area between opposition and support for the remainder of 2012.

If he were to win reelection, his position could potentially "evolve" again in 2013, but the N.C. Amendment 1 vote likely rules it out before that.

Same-sex marriage:


There are millions of people in America that think homosexuality is wrong, so that means that we are wrong and you are right, God made MAN and WOMEN to be together, not men & men and women & women, I am going to teach my kids and millions will also teach their kids that this lifestyle is wrong, a man is not supposed to put in another man’s behind, that is not the way we are made, just cause Hollywood and celebrities think that is all right to be gay does not mean that regular folks think the same way, like they have morals, yeah right. Again I don’t hate gay people but love is between MAN & WOMEN, even 50 years down the line there will still be MILLIONS of people who think that this life style is wrong, proud to be from NYC and there are millions of people here who also think that this lifestyle is wrong. Sorry but I have to be honest.


You do not go to Hell for your sins. You go to Hell if you have not accepted the Lord into your heart as your personal saviour. You will not go to Hell for being gay. If you have trusted in Jesus and allowed him into your heart, you will have everlasting life in Heaven with God the Father. That does not mean that God will not judge you for the sins you committed. I was living in sin by living with my husband and having sex before marriage, I will be judged for that and have to answer to God. However, since I have trusted in Jesus and believe on Him, I will have everlasting life and will be able to walk side by side with Jesus. Homosexuals are sinners, I am a sinner, we are all born into sin. Murderers, rapists, liars are all sinners.


I have nothing but pity for those who banned gay marriage. Its sad how much hate you carry in your hearts enough to deny love to someone. love is love no matter what gender. they need to stop using the bible as an excuse to be so prejudice. Who is anyone to tell someone they can't get married or love freely to whom they want? that's just disgusting some people think like that. everyone has a right to love and marry who they want. Why is it so wrong that we have make laws to even pass gay marriage? this country ashames me.


If you guys want to F... same sex is fine, I don't care. But why need to get married??? Marriage is between MAN & WOMAN, who wants to produce new generation only, NOT for gays!


I SUPPORT North Carolina Amendment One Bans Gay Marriage!!!


Shame on all humans that tale gods judgement into their own hands. Humble yourselves! ! The almighty has a plan for us all and who are we to take it into our own hands? Let the gates judge upon arrival, mind your own business u gossiping sinners, and let the people follow the path they have been given. God is in us all, but humble yourselves remember that u r a mere human.


I believe in God. I believe he forgives us for our sins. Are homosexuals sinners? No they are not. God made them that way. Are you saying God made a mistake? Shame on you. I have 2 children and I'm not married. Am I going to hell for having beautiful children? No, i think not. There are alot worse sins to go to hell for. Preaching and teaching hate to your children is one of them. I would rather my children be accepting people than so called "religious" people that blame God for their hate. Theres a special place in hell for you.


Marriage is ordained by God. Do it His way or not at all. Homosexuality is a sin. Romans 1:16-32. I am not being hateful towards anyone, that is also a sin, I am not judging anyone, I myself will be judged by the Almighty. I know what I believe. I am raising a child in an immoral and God-hating society. I will do all that is in my power to stand for God.


The Bible does not preach hate, if you read it. You go North Carolina! Marriage is soley between a man and a woman! God have mercy on those that don't follow that. Lord forgive them because they know not!


These states need to come out of the dark ages. They need to stop using the bible as an excuse to be hateful and prejudiced. God doesnt hate, narrow minded people do! Obama needs to stop riding the fence. Hes giving just enough to say he may support it so people will give him a vote based on the fact he may, but not committing to it so as not to lose votes from those against it.

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