Nicki Minaj Pepsi Commercial: Enjoy This Moment 4 Life!

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Having made it very clear just what Starships are meant to do, Nicki Minaj has come out with her new Pepsi commercial.

In the ad, the eccentric artist sings a remixed version of the track "Moment 4 Life," while various individuals suddenly find themselves appropriately frozen in time. What do they do with these moments? They screw up a beach volleyball game, they steal clothing from a fashion show and they sneak into a Minaj concert.

And they drink Pepsi, of course. Are you inspired by the spot? View an extended cut of it now:

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I'm in love with nicki minaj && this commercial. Every body that says she a slut & all that is just stupid!!!! Any other bitch that would try to do that couldnt! Everything Nicki gets called, she still standing strong & looking good. ONE of the baddest bitches i know !


Fuck this whore and anyone who likes her. Grow up.


I really like the remix to the song. Nicki is different but I enjoy her. All you negative name callers are just narrow minded. Open up!


No talent auto tuned skank. I'm drinking Coke now, this commercial turns my stomach so much.


It was a great commercial. Since you have so much tallent lets see you do better.


Because there is alot of STUPID people who like her STUPID, POINTLESS 'pop' (pun intended) music. Lol. She looks like she got lost on her way to a clown college!


why is she supposed to be popular again?


I agree Doy. She sux. Wish she would just go back to being a backround dancer who occasionaly sang. Can't stand her voice or her 'gimmick'. As for the commercial, pepsi ads have always sucked IMO


she looks like a cartoon character in this picture! Like she should be on Bratz or something


Talentless ass implanted hack.