New John Travolta Accuser: Gym Employee Alleges Groping

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Two days after the first accuser dropped his lawsuit, a new man has come forward accusing John Travolta of sexual misconduct, making for in all.

The fourth accuser is a gym employee who accuses the star of groping and fondling him against his will. Travolta's lawyer, obviously, denies it.

"As a result of the published lies about my client we expect some John Does to come out of the woodwork and assert false claims," Marty Singer said.

John Travolta on Red Carpet

The previous three men are:

  1. John Doe #1, an anonymous masseur who hired Gloria Allred to represent him after being dropped by his previous attorney last week.
  2. An Atlanta based masseur, also anonymous, who alleges sexual assault at a hotel and who is being represented by Okorie Okorocha.
  3. Former Royal Caribbean employee Fabian Zanzi.

The gym employee-personal trainer claims he would open the gym for John Travolta when he was on location for a film shoot, after hours."

He did this as a courtesy for the Grease star, so he could enjoy privacy but maintain his fitness fir a physically challenging role he was doing.

The man says that inside the gym, John Travolta groped and fondled him against his will," though further details are scarce at this time.


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This issue is not whether John Travolta which I will be calling John Revolta is gay or bi. It is that he sexually assualted this men, 7 reported as of today. NO means NO, he is a big perverted bully and his raunchy predatory behavior is coming back to bite him. He is molesting straight men who have families..just like his wigs and his fake religion ..he is being exposed for what he is ..Pulp Friction star!!!!!!


Hey! Even if he is gay--in or out of the closet--he doesn't have a right to force himself on others!


Nobody would give a shit if John was gay or bi if he'd just come out of the closet and admit it instead of harrassing and molesting masseurs, gym employees and other guys that don't want a sexual liaison with him! I think he's just a rich fuck that believes that he can do whatever he wants because he has money and has always gotten away with it. And for the record, it has been known as an established fact among the gay community that Travola is a closeted queen.


Straight, not straigh


The point is not whether he is gay or straigh, but whether he is lying and pretending to be something that he is not.


What is more entertaining than the horrible comments about John, is the horrific spelling, grammar and lewd descriptions of some of these clueless, ignorant morons trying to write something sensible that we might find interesting or factual.


JOHN TRAVOLTA IS A REPRESSED GAY MAN. Thats fine except for the part where he has a wife who is so immersed in Scientology that she is easily duped and controlled into staying. If you ever doubted the power of brainwashing this is the proof. Doubt he uses condoms, how soon before he gives her AIDS?????????????


This is the most textbook, pathetic money-grabbing scheme I've seen in years. "Hey, someone's accusing Travolta of sexual assault? Looks like a good time to jump in!"


Travolta's PAST is catching up. If his son that DIED was on medication for his SEIZURES, howcome that medicine wasn't given to him or taken with the family WHERE EVER they went?NEGLIGENT.


Who cares if john is gay or bi. It's 2012 and I can't believe America still makes a big issue over who might be gay or bi. What a waste of energy. Yawn! I'm sure those guys loved being touched by John and now they want to sue him to extort money from him.