Nancy Beatie Flips Out on Family, Destroys Computer [Video]

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This is one of the stranger, more disturbing videos in recent memory.

With Thomas and Nancy Beatie undergoing divorce procedures - and with the former, known as "The Pregnant Man" for his transgender surgery, filing charges of assault against the latter - TMZ has uncovered a video filmed by Thomas from a few months ago.

In it, we see Nancy awaken from a passed out stupor; drag her daughter around; scream at her husband; and then attack him with what she continually refers to as "my computer."

Thomas is oddly calm throughout most of the incident... until Nancy threatens to drop the laptop into the pool. At this, Thomas completely loses it, crying and screaming, while his daughter does the same. It's all very odd - why is he videotaping? Why is his reaction to the fate of the computer more extreme than his reaction to Nancy putting her hands on their child?

The Beaties are due in court next week to work on custody arrangement and child support payments. This video is expected to be used as evidence against Nancy.


i think he seems a lot more insane that she does!! why is he waking her up? & obviously not tending to the children while she's sleeping? why the hell is he video taping?? & in her face the whole time with it?? i'd do a whole lot worse than what she did to him if he was doing that sh*t to me! i'd throw him & his camera in the pool! what a freak! they're clearly having troubles & she seems like she's really stressed but who wouldn't be with that guy!! there's really nothing here he can blame her for it looks much worse on him. i wouldn't call that putting her hands on the daughter. she woke up to the girl screaming her face off! that's his problem! she picked her up in an awkward way but so what, he should've left her alone & gotten the kid a drink himself! not tried to rile up the kids to make her look bad lol come on he was obviously planning this & trying to come up with some evidence to use against her but he just looks like an idiot.

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