Nadya Suleman in Debt at Least $500,000 For Legal Fees, Insurance, Utilities, DirecTV

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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, says her financial woes are so far beyond terrible, she owes between $500,000-1,000,000 to various creditors.

Octomom filed for bankruptcy yesterday, claiming she has $0-50,000 to her name. Combined with 14 mouths to feed, that's what we call bad.

Fortunately, she gets all the premium channels though. Game of Thrones is not to be missed, even if your kids can't go to the bathroom indoors.


A list of creditors lining up to get paid by Octo include:

  • Orkin Pest Control
  • Roberto Robles Gardening Services
  • William F. Turner Attorney at Law
  • The California DMV
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Verizon
  • City of La Habra Water Dept.
  • So Cal Gas Company
  • So Cal Edison Company
  • Superior Court of California
  • DirecTV

Nadya Suleman claims she has already completed a debt education course, as required from every individual who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Not that it'll do her a lot of good until she has money coming in (just wait for her erotic solo effort), but Octomom says she took that class online.

Presumably before Verizon turned off her service.


The woman is ridiculous in the first place for having 14 kids...knowing she cannot support them all. And she wonders why the government is after her. She has money to pay cable...but not to support her kids??? That's freaking ridiculous. Don't have 14 kids if you don't think you can support them. 2 is enough!


This woman is out to screw the system any way she can. 14 kids and getting $2k in food stamps per month. Now she's trying to get out of paying the bills she has ran up. Please!!!! Throw this woman in JAIL!


She is just not a likable person! She talks like a know it all and she could have cut that mop herself and spent over $500 on her children.


She is just freakin crazy. Wait til the therapy bills start rolling for those poor kids. The fact that shes so freaked by touching another person, or even kissing them is beyond bizarre. What kind of positive role model could she possibly be for her kids? Well see kids, i had you all thru ivf, because i cant bear to have someone touch me. I hope she can show affection to her kids or those therapy bills will just get higher.


So how exactly does this woman have enough cash to pay a stylist, let alone one who comes to her house? I feel bad for those kids. I saw her on Oprah once, she's a fckn freak. Octomom, not Oprah. That's an entirely different post lol.


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