Nadya Suleman Adult Film Shoot: Underway!

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Octomom's first day as a porn star is in the books.

The beleaguered, bankrupt mom of 14 completed her first day of XXX shooting at a porn mansion in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley Thursday, and it went well!

Octo (real name Nadya Suleman) is starring in a new film in which she will be pleasuring herself ... since she refuses to do porn involving other human beings.

She was nervous at first, but got the hang of it.

Octo Nadya Suleman Picture

Before the shoot, producers decided it would be a good idea to screen some porno flicks for the clearly nervous Nadya as an educational tool of sorts.

When it was time for Octomom to get down to business, TMZ reports that she was a pro. A source even said, "She was a natural. She looked great!!"


No word on how much she's making for the masturbation movie, but she may need to film a bunch of sequels to pay off at least $500,000 in debt.



We are grown adults that teach are children to respect others and to not judge and BULLY others through modern day technology why the hell are grown adults saying some pretty harsh comments to a woman they don't know what kind of examples at we setting for are growing children....set examples that will better the world not destroy it any further


Girl, the whole world knows u messed up, but doing porn!! This u can never take back n what man will trully love a pornstar? Ur love life is up in flames and the humiliation ur children will face will be worse. If I was in ur position, i'd be a maid and the best one ever before considering porn hun. It'll take a minute to pay bills off but its a start. Smh


I just threw up in my mouth thinking about that....


It's only a matter of weeks until she's triple penetrated with each guy shattering their load in her face at the same time. For the finale she takes a Tijuana donkey while sucking off a golden retriever who also splatter her face. A whore is a whore us a whore. It's only a matter of time until Sally Struthers is filming a "save the children" infomercial outside of her home with footage of her kids shitting in overflowing kiddy potties while she gets her hair done in the background. How low are the standards for child care in California? Does a child have to die and rot in the home before cps steps in? Where I live, those kids would already be in foster care. They would have been taken away at birth!!


coma va je veu tourne votre film


@craig ur a fucking scumbag smfh who's really the moron asshole ur mom should have swallowed who the hell are u to tell this women to go kill herself u don't know her just what u read


It may be hard to help a person like Ms. Sulemon, as there are some things out of whack, for sure. Maybe she is capable of giving birth, but incapable of parenting. But if the same amount of money already spent to compensate swarms of reporters, camerapersons and news crews, drivers and air time, all for the public to view of this poor woman’s distress and humiliation, was instead used to help her and those children to survive the mess she has gotten herself into, we may be better humans for it.
These children are painfully, dangerously exposed. Maybe she needs some family service intervention while she works things out.
Some people tend help people who got in a wreck. Others would rather watch and are entertained by the suffering and humiliation of others. This pitiful creature could be the mother, daughter, sister or granddaughter of any of us.
Somebody, please, help this poor woman.
Frank Robinson


You have to be kidding, She couldn't find a real man to knock her up , What makes Her thinkthat anybody would like to see this low life BITCH naked!!!


She's a cunt...Oh a BIG CUNT..Money grubbing bitch who thought she would be famous for her escapades..Too bad bitch,get a job and put the kids up for adoption,you're no Mom..You're a F**KING MORON..KIll yourself now and do yourself a favor..


Just do what most of the drug-addict-white-whore-prostitute-porn-skanks do when they need to support their 1-3k dollar a day drug habits or to pay their college tuition.Start doing race-based smut.Like most of these HOES,she'll taste the quick money and further compromise herself,they all do,like the worthless
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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
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