More John Travolta Accusers to Join Lawsuit, Lawyer Says

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The lawyer for the two masseurs suing John Travolta for sexual assault claims others have come forward with similar stories and will join the lawsuit.

Okorie Okorocha, who reps John Travolta accuser (John Doe) #1 and #2, says he's keeping their identities secret because they're victims of sex crimes.

He also says he fears backlash against the men from the powerful actor.

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Okorocha claims he tried settling the first sexual battery lawsuit involving John Doe #1 discretely, telling Travolta's lawyers they could go through a private judge and keep everything completely confidential, only to be rebuffed.

Okorocha also says Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, is off base when he says the movie legend was not in L.A. January 16, as he vehemently insists.

That's date the first incident allegedly occurred, and Okorocha says during their initial discussions, Travolta's lawyers conceded the actor was in L.A.

The second alleged victim came forward days with a similar account of Travolta paying for a massage, then propositioning him/groping his genitals.

It's unclear how many other men may join the salacious lawsuit, if any, but the first two John Does are seeking $2 million in damages ... apiece.



Oh Travolta. Just come out already! You can just say that "the Presidents statement on gay marriage inspired me to be my true self". For God sake stop lying to that poor stupid wife of yours.


The snowball of sleaze is still rollin' and it's gettin bigger...

Wv peach

This dude is a sac-chaser from way back. Just like Tom Cruise, Travolta's past is murky as pond water. Own up to it fella's......we all know it's true anyway.


Didnt know he hired marty singer! That guy is a notoriously ruthless unethical unscrupulous lawyer.
Someone is making fake allegations against me, I hire a lawyer. Someone is making true allegations against me, I hire Marty Singer. Guilty. Case closed.


John Travolta=gay sex predator

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