Mitt Romney iPhone App Promises Better "Amercia"

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Good thing Mitt Romney won the GOP presidential nomination Tuesday night, as he may need some positive headlines to overshadow this awesome typo.

Twitter is ablaze with commentary this morning after it came to light that the Romney campaign's newly iPhone app, "With Mitt," misspelled "America."

The free app allows supporters to personalize pics superimposed with phrases like "I stand with Mitt," "Obama isn't working" and "American Greatness."

Or perhaps "Amercian" greatness would be more accurate:


Unfortunately for the candidate - and more so the developer who gets fired - one of the slogans amusingly plasters "A Better Amercia" across the image.

"Mistakes happen," Andrea Saul, Romney Press Secretary, said in an appearance on MSNBC this morning. "I don't think any voter cares about a typo."

Probably not, but it does make for some comic relief - especially from Mitt the micro-manager - amid a steady stream of often contentious political news.

BTW, as of now, the app still had not been fixed. Programmers ...


Conservatives actually found a way to make THIS Obamas fault! Now thats why I could never vote with you nutjobs. No sense of humor and completely detached from reality.


NOBAMA 2012. It's time to admit the mistake and move forward. Change? Has turned into nickles dimes and quarters in our pockets. Romney is not Obama or Bush- so get the going back 2 the way it was- get it out of your heads.


Obama's employees might know how to spell, Indonesia, Kenya, environment, radical, Jeremiah Wright. They get an "A" for spelling, Barack Hussein Obama, gets an "F" at being a President.


Technology is haaaard. Right, Mittens?

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