Mitt Romney "Day One" Ads Preview Presidential Goals

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Mitt Romney's "Day One" ads, outlining what he'd do in his first 24 hours on the job, sure make it sound like he'd be a good President of the United States.

But are they realistic?

Some things he promises in the TV spots, such as expediting the Keystone pipeline and ending Obamacare, he probably could do, or at least play a major role in.

Others, such as lifting job-killing regulations and lowering the unemployment rate, are more nebulous. It's easier to run for President than to be President.

Watch the ads below and see what the Republican's presidency would look like ... or at least how he envisions it in an idealized campaign commercial.

If they election were today, for whom would you vote?


This Country cannot recover from another 4 years of Obama. To listen to Celebrites in which you have nothing in common with ( Clooney etc.) is foolish. 4 years is along time to spend watching Obama to continue to evolve from one topic to another. We are trying to eat & pay our bills. Jobs should be the Major topic and what Romney/Obama plan on doing about. I think that Obama will do nothing more than he has done while Holder does nothing more than file Civil Rights Law Suits. I hope this Country wakes up because by 2016 it may be to late.


I really was drawn to a Romney Presidency after watching this. We need this change. The status quo is frightening and who in their right mind would want more of the same???? My fellow hispanics on the grassroots level are really considering Romney now. I think if he picks Rubio as a running mate more hispanics will flock to the ticket.


Everyone has an opinion about Romney, but at least he is a business person with knowledge of how to run successful business. He has a History, and not as an organizer, but really running business and Politics. The clown in now is a bad Joke that was written a time ago by Deady Kennedy, so he would have a Puppet to control. Now he is gone and the strings are up for grabs with the Puppet being out of control with no idea. It is really sad that this is where our great country has gone.


If Obama stays in office we will be in deep S... Taxes will go up
Employment will get worse
Guns will be taken away or taxed and tracked
Healthcare will be the biggest mess you have ever seen
The United States will be bankrupt before his second term is over and the dollar will not be the world curency


This new Romney ad was inspiring! For the first time I could get my head around the idea of a "President Romney". I have to say a feeling hope and relief came over me. I do hope Romney's camp keeps bringing out these positive ads. I'm so sick of the negativism of the Obama election machine. They are slipping..and they know it.


Obama is running scared! His campaign adds bashing Romney and his success are a waste of what probably is Taxpayer money. Obama has no record to run on and no one left to lie to. NOBAMA IN 2012

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