Mitt Romney Clinches Republican Presidential Nomination; Can He Beat President Obama?

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Having effectively won through attrition weeks ago, Mitt Romney officially wrapped up the Republican nomination for president last night with a win in the Texas primary.

Romney's win put an end to the GOP primary as the former Massachusetts Governor began to ramp up his general election message against President Obama.

Just after 9 p.m., he Tweeted: "#1144. Thank You. Whatever challenges lie ahead, we will settle for nothing less than getting America back on the path to prosperity."

Mitt Romney Wins Primary

Despite surpassing the 1,144 delegate threshold, it was just a token evening for the presumptive nominee, whose rivals exited one by one over a month ago.

Only Ron Paul is still fighting for delegates. With the White House out of reach, he seeks a prominent role at the party's convention and in shaping its future.

Romney didn’t make a speech last night, but the win was nonetheless symbolic, making him the first Mormon to be a major-party candidate for the presidency.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as he is now being treated as an equal to Obama by the national media in what is sure to be a very close 2012 election.

He’s pulled almost even with the president in voter surveys, currently trailing by just two percentage points in aggregated national polls, 45.6 to 43.6 percent.

Romney probably has a 50-50 chance of being the 45th President of the United States. He'll distance himself from Donald Trump if he's smart. Just saying.

If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?


Hey, Helene--face it! The GOP Congressmen have voted down much because Obama's idea of creating jobs is GROW GOVT! Obama's done a lot to squash job creation in the private sector! Besides, where's those jobs he was so supposed to create by giving gazillion of tax dollars to green companies? DOWN THE TUBES!!!! You are exaggerating about what Romney's going to do and you know it! Guess that's what a liberal HAS to say when their candidate has NO record to run on..suppose all this negative 'hot air' is perceived as crucial to blow around in an attempt to garner votes. It won't help though. Tsk!


Mike, if you were stupid enough to think Paul would've made a good president, good freaking bye, enjoy your trip, and, please, never come back. We have enough, stupid people here, already. They will be voting for Obama.


@Connie you seem to be the only person here who has mentioned race. Guess the reason you are voting for Romney is clear.... lol


They are just two opposite sides of the same coin America is screwed because a whole are stupid. Ron Paul was the only logical / sensible choice and now we are left with the creator of RomneyCare and the passer of ObamaCare. I will be leaving this god forsaken nation and be livin it up on the beach in Costa Rica while yall deal with the onslaught of disparity that id about to occur... Im not payin the chinese back for what all these ridiculous wasteful spending war hungry politicians have spent.... Goodbye America the sinking ship.... this is no longer a free country and is 8 years from being a Socialist Nation. Yall have fun im out!


Republicans are screwed. Just another cookie cutter candidate who led a privileged life that doesn't represent average joe citizen. To be fair, that seems to be pretty much ANY candidate regardless of party. I don't trust any of them, but here we are, stuck with them because they tell The Sheeple what they want to hear.


@helene- are you saying we would rather see the country fail? then I guess what you are saying is because he happens to be black? republicans are people would want to prosper not create a bunch of $12 dollar an hour jobs. do you understand what the supreme court is doing? they are deliberating as to whether Obama can force you to buy health insurance . IT IS NOT FREE-DON'T YOU SEE THIS? Your loyalty to Obama (Race) is blinding you. Obama does not have a game plan that has growth as a nation in the forefront. he has his own agenda and your are only a way for him to get what he wants. maybe your distrust for "Tea Party" is where your head is. Trust is something you earn. Obama has not earned my trust.


@Helene- This Country has failed- miserably. Condoms- Birth Control- Morning After Pills etc. My God there has never been so many ways to keep from getting pregnant. Romney as Govenor created an environment in which skilled teachers in Math & Science got bonuses up to 15k. Have you ever heard of safety nets? Welfare- Food Stamps? If you have -have you heard of the millions of Tax Payer Dollars that have subject to food stamp fraud? What has Obama actually done for you? Is it any easier to find a job? How bout your car? Is it cheaper to fill your tank? How about food? Cheaper? Do you actually think that taxing the rich is going to put more money in your pocket? A job will put money in your pocket! We don't want Obama to fail- we want him out because he is failing!


Putting aside who is at fault- who did what to who... The Fact without a shadow of a doubt- Obama does not have a clue as to how to get us out of this mess we are in. If you have lost all hope then he is your guy.


If people aren't better off it is only because the Republicans have filibustered every effort to create jobs. They would rather see the country fail than to have President Obama look good. Under Romney we will have fewer teachers, no health care, no protection for pre-existing conditions,no protections for women, no birth control, no aid for all of the unwanted children that will result, no environmental protections, no regulations of the greedy banks, but lots and lots and lots of tax breaks for the very rich. Is this what most people want? I can't imagine it.


no offense to republicans or mitt .but i think its obvious that obama will win again.

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