Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform: National Pride or Over the Line?

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National pride? Disgrace? Somewhere in the middle?

A photo of two servicewomen breastfeeding their children while in uniform has gone viral and added a new layer to the ongoing debate over nursing in public.

It's probably safe to say the Time Magazine breastfeeding cover went over quite well with Mom2Mom, a breastfeeding support group for military mothers.

In a series of tasteful professional photos showing beaming moms nursing kids, one jumps out for obvious reasons: the photo of two servicewomen below ...

Military Moms Breastfeeding

"A lot of people are saying it's a disgrace to the uniform. They're comparing it to urinating and defecating [while in uniform]," says Crystal Scott, a military spouse living at Fairchild AFB outside Spokane, Wash., who started Mom2Mom in January.

"It's extremely upsetting. Defecating in public is illegal. Breastfeeding is not."

It was Scott's idea to ask photographer Brynja Sigurdardottir to take the photos and create posters for National Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August.

One of the moms photographed in uniform, Terran Echegoyen-McCabe, breastfeeds her 10-month-old twin girls on her lunch breaks during drill weekends.

"I have breast-fed in our lobby, in my car, in the park ... and I pump, usually in the locker room," says the proud member of the Air National Guard."

"I'm proud to be wearing a uniform while breastfeeding. I hope [the photo] encourages other women to know they can, whether they're active duty, guard or civilian."

She said she's surprised by the reaction to the photos, which also feature her friend Christina Luna, because it never occurred to her it would cause a stir.

"There isn't a policy saying we can or cannot breastfeed in uniform," Echegoyen-McCabe says. "I think we do need to be able to breastfeed in uniform and be protected."

What do you think? Should they be allowed to?


@Karly: these women aren't "flaunting" their breasts! They're feeding their infants. Breastfeeding is not sexually driven; when your baby is hungry, you feed it, and that's exactly what these women are doing. Good for them for putting their children first!


Oh and what kind of Mum are you? A widow mom who raised 4 kids on her own. All went to college and the last child is an honor student. Not bad for no breast milk!!!!!
My husband, brothers, dad, niece, all Military.


I was a letter carrier, a government job. Could you see me walking down the street with a mail sack and breast feeding? By the way, I wasn't working there with my first two children. Found a nice quiet room to feed my babies. The point is these women had to of known the rules before hand. They chose to go ahead and have a family. They weren't denied that. But to breast feed in uniform, in public, they broke the rules. That is disrespectful to this country. If they wanted to change things, there's other ways, that was not the way.


@Debbie L. Ohio: If your employer was unfriendly to lactating mothers then you need to fight for better treatment. I worked at General Electric for 10 years, had 3 kids, all of whom creched in the office building. I breast fed all my kids until they were a year old. I could never do what you did, deny my babies breastfeeding or abandon my toddlers with a baby sitter just to go to work. Hell, I would rather quit my job that ever do that.


I thought this was about Military women, who probably got pregnant and the government, your tax dollars paid for the birth. Then they are giving the Military the middle finger going against their rules! I believe in women breast feeding their children. I don't believe in going against Military rules. I have plenty of Military family to know this was an absolute no no.


Some people in these comment boards should not have been allowed to be born, better yet conceive so you all have no idea nor any right to comment about these woman, Doing our country a favor and feeding their children on Their lunchbreak? Get real!
There is nothing wrong with this picture if you are christian and not a pervert you would know a breast is a tool to feed your child, It should mean nothing to a man besides the respect of a good looking woman. Breastfeeding is not a perverted act, and If you believe this photo is perverted, instead of natural human life.. I expect you probably wont make it very far in this life


Much debate on this subject! Sorry ladies but my kids had to go to a sitter all day! If these women are at work and getting paid, they should follow the rules. Maybe you should of concentrated on protecting our country first, before becoming mommies.


how can you say something is a disgrace to the uniform if you've never worn it?


are you all serious. REALLY!!!!!! These people fight for you so you can live in a world where you can do just about anything you want. They fight for your freedom and now you are going to turn on them just because they are feeding their children in public. Think really hard about what you all are saying. Is it really that big of a deal to you all to say these woman are "whores" and that what they are doing is a disgrace to their uniforms. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. If the women who fight for your freedom cant do something in public "freely" then god help us all. You go girls!!!!! Keep doing what your doing!!!!!


So, should they tell their hungry infants to wait so they can change their clothes? Come on people out society has outcasted the PROVEN BEST way to feed our babies.
For the men that are complaining would it be acceptable if the baby's were not covering their breast??
Ladies, what is so awful? It is natural, sorry but breast were NOT made as a sexual plaything..they were created to feed our children. Fact: My first son nursed until 1 year old, at 24 now my son has rarely gotten sick all his life! My youngest was nursed until 2 months (had extenuating circumstances) and he has always fought with illness.
Even the formula's you buy TRY to create milk as good as ours by using CHEMICALS that could later harm our babies.
Our society is so sexually driven that we don't respect the body for what it was intended for! Get real people!!

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