Miley Cyrus to Sexist Clothing Critics: Thank You!

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Miley Cyrus isn't one to dress conservatively, and, for that, the singer isn't about to apologize. Quite the opposite, in fact.


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    I hate how people especially these blogs love to tackle Miley about how she dresses and her life. C'mon! She is no longer 14 years old! You all love to say mean things about these stars but as soon as they die you are the first to say your condolences. Makes me sick.

    Avatar should be itself no matter war Miley always remember that just do that if any body wants to talk including Miley send a message to me or call mr at 601 794 7757...!!!???lol give a call


    @Jinko if her 15 minutes were up they would have been up almost 7 years ago, Miley is here to stay because she isn't like your ordinary celeb that does what she is told she has a mind of her own and that's what people love about her don't like it, don't comment.


    she is right there is nothing wrong with sexuality its 2012 get over it girls grow up why does society have a problem with boys do with out a problem and girl and woman are a big part of the problem when you give in to the double standard and bash other woman and girls for being sexy, oh and she is not like lindsay lohan she hasn't been in rehab, she's not stumbling out of night clubs every night or got a duI do only thing they have in come is disney,


    Miley Is Having Fun , She's Enjoying Her Life Like Everyone Else. So What She Dresses` Alittle Hoeish Let Her Live Her Life, While Your Behind A Computer Blogging How She's A Brat She's Out Shopping And Not Even Knowing You , Or Have You On Her Mind, Miley You Dress Gorgeous , Be Yourself , And Have Fun.


    I find this girl really irritating. the way she talks and behaves ugh it’s like she sees herself as a 30 something when you can clearly see she’s an immature brat. I’d like to see this talentless cunt off the spotlight.


    @Agatha: Miley Cyrus isn't really like Lindsay Lohan. She's just breaking out of her squeaky clean image and being her real self. If anything she's becoming more like your average celebrity, not Lindsey.
    It's true that she's shown a lot of skin, danced suggestively, and even had a little experimentation with drugs, but plenty of celebrities have managed to do those things without becoming Lindsey-style trainwrecks. Jennifer Anniston, Megan Fox, Pink, Vanessa Hudgens, and Cameron Diaz are just a few who come to mind. Lindsey Lohan is just one of those severe cases of what can go wrong.


    She is starting to be like Lindsey Lohan!What a shame!


    Aren't her 15 minutes up? Does anyone care what she has to say? I think not.


    @:): Just because a female doesn't conform to your views about clothing and dancing doesn't mean she's trash or a whore. A person who can't even spell the words 'you're' (it's not your) and 'compliment' (it's not 'complament') has no room to call names and lecture others.

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