Miley Cyrus on Sex: Beautiful, Necessary!

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Give Miley Cyrus credit: she isn't just walking the walk. This young artist is talking the talk.

Following Miley's VERY revealing outfit at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards, more excerpts from her appearance on Lifetime's The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet have leaked - and they tout the awesomeness and the importance of sexual intercourse.

Miley Cyrus Fashion Choice

"Girls who base how much they're worth on the sexual favors they can do for somebody, that makes me really sad," Cyrus says in an interview that airs Thursday. "Because sex is actually really beautiful."

Sex is also vital... to the existence of the human race.

"It's the only way that we create and it's the only way that the world keep going," Miley continued. "It's ignorant to not talk to your kids about it or make it seem like it's not as cool or magical as it actually is. If [kids] have a TV, they know what sex is. Everyone knows, so educate them."

Elsewhere on the show, Cyrus goes off on her critics, labeling them as "sexist" for taking issue with her attire.

How do you feel about Miley's view on sex?


I agree with should know what Sex is........everyone talks about is as a bad thing.....but if they don't educate their kids about it...than how do they expect their family to widen???


well,"Jamal" couldn;t get one anyway..dumb a-hole.White girls are great looking at any age!


KUDOS to Miley! First off, she's an adult! 2nd if anyone follows or pays enough attention to her in the media (enough that they took the time to comment negatively) she been in a committed relationship with the same man for quite some time. Its stupid to assume that all young ADULTS will remain virgins lil lone teens, wether they're fans of her or not. I respect her for not playing the innocent virgin act for her" younger audiences" they way Britney Spears did to appeal to the parents of her fan base...grow up y'all its 2012, people are having sex, and at least Miley said it....and emphasized that education is important


Too bad she's trying so hard to get rid of her Hannah Montana image. Obviously she has to grow up, but I'm not quite sure what she's trying so hard to grow up to be. She made a fortune off her squeaky clean image. She should try to at least keep a low profile and grow into new roles without alienating the young people who made her rich. She still has very young children that idolize her, and they don't have a clue what she just said about sex. They just think she's cool, and how she acts tells them what cool is. Responsible adults know how to act in front of children.


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Feel sorry 4 her


I can't believe that people are actually having a problem with what she said. Then again, should I really be surprised at all? People have always been very uptight and narrow-minded when it comes to Miley Cyrus. She's right. She spoke the truth. Sorry if you're too much of a prude to handle her speaking out about sexuality in a positive way, rather than in a negative, traditional, puritanical way. There was nothing false in anything she said.


Like most ww this chick will look age 50 at age 30,sorry it the truth.


Is it just me, or does she look old? Maybe it's the crazy hair or the crazy outfit, or even the crazy fake tan, but she looks really old. Like 40 years old. Wow. How old is she now? Maybe it's a phase.


You asked: does that mean that you disapprove of gay couples who are not married having sex. The answer is YES!!! We ABSOLUTELY disapprove. It is not natural and it is WRONG! Read your Bible. They are NOT an exception. They are sinful.


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