Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Music Awards: Too Hot or Too Far?

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It is most definitely official: Miley Cyrus can't be tamed.

Just a few days after she said in an interview that those who criticize her skimpy outfits are sexist, the young singer went all out at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards... by hanging pretty much all out on the red carpet. See for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus Billboard Music Awards Outfit
  • Miley Cyrus Fashion

Very little even needs to be said about this outfit, considering how very little it leaves to the imagination.

Do you admire Cyrus for taking such a provocative stand? Or think this is positively no way for any 19-year old to stand? Vote now:

Miley's fashion selection is...


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When you are 19 your hormones rule you. I have no problem with the fact she is pretty much grown up. She is not the little girl everyone keeps trying to tie her down to so she has a right to explore her sexuality. However, I believe she needs a stylist. It looks like she just jumped out of the shower and grabbed something out of her closet to answer the doorbell. Ain't nothing but a baggy white blazer. If she is going to bring it all out she needs help with the choice of garment.


she looks Like an oLd girL because of her dress anD her hair


hate that outfit!!


Were that Selma Hayek or Angelina Jolie, we wouldn't be voting on it. Everyone would just be like, "WOW! She looks great!" I think you're all being so unfair just because you're biased. She is a star in her own right. She can sing, and had her own TV show. There comes a point where she's not going to be the best role model for small children anymore, true. But she's grown into a beautiful young woman. Kudos to her for that! I think she looks fantastic!


she is the typical white-girl-whorebag-show-your-body-off-top-get attention-slutbag


Love Her And This Dress! You Guys Are Over Reacting!


if i had a body that nice id be showing it off too! the outfit itself is kinda ugly but shes pretty hot, and you all are jealous. shes an adult, shes not gonna give a crap what any of you whiners think. the boob jewelry is a bit too much though!


Miley looks like the little whore that she is - period.


I don't care if it's appropriate or not, I just think it's a totally bad look on her. Some of her red carpet dresses are fabulous but this just isn't one of them.


all you people need to get through your heads that not just because 'before' she was a sweet little girl that she has to remain that way like for real people change and she's not staying for the same crowed of 12years old enymore. besides dont act suprised we're in 2012 these days girls of 19 would be dressed alot more scanquier than that for example if i seen a girl in that dress here that would actually be alot more apropriet than most 19 year olds over this way so keep you'r ussless and unsmart coments to yourself she looks fine and hot .. if you go it flaunte it but with limites so back off i love the dress its sexy but with some style ;)