Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Music Awards: Too Hot or Too Far?

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It is most definitely official: Miley Cyrus can't be tamed.

Just a few days after she said in an interview that those who criticize her skimpy outfits are sexist, the young singer went all out at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards... by hanging pretty much all out on the red carpet. See for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus Billboard Music Awards Outfit
  • Miley Cyrus Fashion

Very little even needs to be said about this outfit, considering how very little it leaves to the imagination.

Do you admire Cyrus for taking such a provocative stand? Or think this is positively no way for any 19-year old to stand? Vote now:

Miley's fashion selection is...


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Miley Cyrus Pant Less at 2012 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Photos and video here


The dress is ugly. it looks like shes trying to look like some little sex symbol. sorry there was only one marylin mnroe and shes gone. as for miley mmmm i feel sorrry for your mother.


Miley cant be tamed. And neither can her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p


OMG!!! She looks terrible, awful and unattractive. She is what 19? She looks like my grandma with the hair. Shes just not lookin her best. shes such a ugly person. Hollywood hates her. Or at least I do,


It's not even that it's skimpy - it's just not an attractive ensemble. I've seen dresses that show just as much skin but still look sophisticated. And her hair isn't exactly helping - it looks a bit trashy. She just needs a stylist, or a better one at least.


One of the most important rules in fashion is, Don't over do it! I saw many others in similar outfit and they look appropriately fantastic, but what Miley's done to her hair is... ummm..ruining her outfit. that is definitely not the right hairstyle for her.


19 years, hmm... She's an adult now, get over it! I say power to her.


Shit! I got drunk and fogot my pants!!!! I don't remember what I did last night but as a friend can you fill me in on what I did when I blacked out?


Ever had a dream where you find yourself out in public and you realize you don't have any pants on? Dream come true I guess.


that ain't no outfit it simply looks like she forgot her pants. pretty dumb looking.