Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Music Awards: Too Hot or Too Far?

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It is most definitely official: Miley Cyrus can't be tamed.

Just a few days after she said in an interview that those who criticize her skimpy outfits are sexist, the young singer went all out at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards... by hanging pretty much all out on the red carpet. See for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus Billboard Music Awards Outfit
  • Miley Cyrus Fashion

Very little even needs to be said about this outfit, considering how very little it leaves to the imagination.

Do you admire Cyrus for taking such a provocative stand? Or think this is positively no way for any 19-year old to stand? Vote now:

Miley's fashion selection is...


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She looks to mature. Maybe the outfit would look better on someone else. Her hair is a mess!!!!


She is 19 and can dress however she wants. Who really cares?


i think she s so hot in this stand and i like when its on her body...


Trying too hard to be something she's not. Sad...
Didn't look good at all.


Why all the commotion? Miley looks terrible with her big teethed Bobble head ,with the body of a 14 year old.Mileys trying very hard to be very grown up and trying to be like JLO is not working.


I think her hair suits her. It looks more mature, but not like middle-aged mature--still showing a little youth. As for the outfit... waist down I'm fine; the chest area, however... a bit too much.


...Miley,I like..You is fantastic......I say power to her...:):):)


Wow. She's looking a little 'Lindsy Lohan' rough lately. And sorry to say, but those boobies need a bra of some kind in that particular cut of a dress!


How about who cares? Get in line, sheep.


She is a woman! A very attractive woman at that. If she chooses to display her assets then that should be her prerogative. Many women her senior by many years have shown far more than what she has done here.