Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama Attend Beyonce Concert

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Michelle Obama was with the single ladies during the weekend: her daughters.

The First Lady of the United States attended a Beyonce concert in Atlantic City, N.J., with Sasha and Malia by her side for the show at Revel Resorts.

Beyonce performed two dozen songs Saturday, reports said. Michelle and the two girls appeared excited throughout the concert, cheering Beyonce on.

Sasha and Malia even sang along to the old school-sounding jam "Love on Top."

Obama Girls

Michelle and Beyonce seem to be building quite the rapport of late: MTV says the two have been exchanging letters for the past few months.

Michelle Obama told People last week that if she could be any other person in the world, she'd be Beyoncé "because it looks like musicians have the most fun."

Obama's new book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, hits stores Tuesday.

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Stephan.......why would u think taxpayer money was used to purchase these"concert tickets? You do realize that President Obama and his wife made millions as lawyers. Also....the next time u are cashing your unemployment check, u need to thank President Obama for fighting to extend unemploment insurance.


I think that was nice, enjoy a day with your girls. Every parent, mother or father needs to attend in something with their childrens. 1st lady has a life to, enjoy another event and have fun, ride this b*#©h to the wheels fall off.


Wow people have the nerve to be upset at Obama for losing their job when he is cleaning up after Bush messed up. You need to take the sheet off so you can see because it is blocking your view. Gov. Mich Daniels took my job. He privatized all state jobs and that's what the REP want to do. Mad at the wrong one.


Crawford? Did you say Crawford Texas? OMG- I wonder if they went to the House they owned there? M Obama spent over $ 500.000.000 on a Vacation this year in Spain- one Vacation! I agree - Tacky as Dog Shit! With this Economy- Jesus Christ- Show some Class!


Uh, before we start bashing this family outing, I seem to remember Bush II on way more vacations and openly admitting he went to bed early. So while we may not all agree with this President, his stand on particular issues, or all of his policies; do you remember where Bush was when Katrina hit and for several days after? On vacation in Crawford...


A beautiful family out having a great time. Good for them!


No Theresa and all your other user name... You shut the F*ck up and get back to selling your crack.


Naahhh! Don't think so- The " one term only" 1st lady has taken numerous vacations on the Tax Payers Dime" so don't even start with that! In this economy? How tacky can you get! Maybe her borrowing my Social Security money got her Floor seats? What else could you expect from an Obama! The "ENTITLED" OBAMAS!


You more than likely got laid off because of tour bad attitude and fits of delusion. Bush is the reason for the economy... Stfu


Losing ones job can make ones perspective a little off..i also think its harder to watch others especially politicians and celebrities out and about not affected by the economy as one tries to survive..

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